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Dr Keith Sawyer
Honorary Visiting Professor


Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr Sawyer‘s two major research interests have been the psychology of creativity, and the learning sciences.  His creativity research focusses on collaboration, particularly improvisational performance in music and theater.  His learning sciences research focusses on collaborative and creative learning.  In his current work, he is bringing these two strands of research together, to identify the core features of creative learning environments.

Sawyer‘s 2007 book GROUP GENIOUS (Basic Books), written for a broad audience, draws on his research on jazz and improv theater to show the reader how to be more creative in collaborative group settings and how to change organizations for the better.  His other books on this topic include EXPLAINING CREATIVITY (Oxford, 2006), an academic overview of creativity research, and IMPROVISED DIALOGUES (Greenwood, 2003), which presents a series of interaction analyses of Chicago improvisational theater performances.

Sawyer is also the editor of THE CAMDBRIDGE HANDBOOK OF THE LEARNING SCIENCES (Cambridge, 2006), an influential overview of the field of the learning sciences.  He has published widely on collaboration, creativity, and learning in various journals.

UNC staff profile: http://soe.unc.edu/fac_research/faculty/sawyer.php


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