Professor David Hall
Head of the Graduate School of Education


Research projects

Date: October 2014-September 2015
Funder: ESRC
Title:  Accelerating impact through the Manchester Education Debates
Funding: £19,617
Role: Principal Investigator

Spreading the impact of education research activities via a series of young people’s, community and practitioner debates in the run-up to the 2016 General Election. Principal Investigator with Prof. Ruth Lupton (Co-Investigator) and Dr Carl Emery (Co-investigator).

Date: September 2013-June 2014
Funder: British Academy
Title: Consultancy and Knowledge Production in Education
Funding: £9000
Role: Co-Investigator

A study of the rise of consultancy and consultants within the field of education set in the wider context of school reform. Co-investigator with Prof. Helen Gunter (Principal Investigator) and Colin Mills (Co-investigator).

Date: Sept 2009-Jan 2011
Funder: Economic and Social Research Council
Title: Distributed Leadership and the Social Practices of School Organisation in England (RES 000-22-3610)
Funding: £100,000
Role: Director and Principal Investigator

The project sought to critically examine education policy through a conceptual analysis of leadership linked discourses and practices in schools. Members of the Project Steering Committee included Prof. Sharon Gewirtz, Prof Peter Gronn, Prof. David Hartley, Prof. Gemma Moss, and Prof. Jim Spillane; all foremost scholars in the field of educational policy and leadership.  Outputs include a report, conference papers, four journal articles and a book. Research conducted with co-investigators Prof. Helen Gunter and Joanna Bragg.

This research project was graded as ‘very good’ by the ESRC. Rapporteur evaluation comments included the following:

‘The significance of the findings lies in the way the data provide empirically grounded insights into how dominant policy on leadership impacts upon practitioners in schools.’

‘The report gives a convincing and authentic account of how educational practitioners understand distributed leadership and are able to use the concept to explain their own contexts.’

‘The findings clearly contribute and add to knowledge about distributed leadership in general and its relationship to teacher and school leader identity.’

‘It raises important questions about the nature of leadership in schools and the ability of organisations such as NCSL to influence knowledge and practice.’

This project has been instrumental in the establishment of the Manchester Critical Educational Policy and Leadership Research Interest Group of which I co-lead. 

Date: September 2005 – April 2006
Funder: Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Title: Education and Poverty: conceptualising the evidence base
Funding: £40,000
Role: Co-applicant and co-investigator

The project consisted of a multi-disciplinary literature review on the links between education and poverty. Outputs included a report, an edited book, journal article and conference papers. The research was conducted with Prof. Carlo Raffo (Principal Investigator), Prof Alan Dyson, Prof. Helen Gunter.

This research project has enabled my participation in an international Education and Poverty Network of academics and researchers who are leaders in their field

Date: October 2005 – March 2006
Funder: Teach First
Title: Retaining Teach First participants in Greater Manchester schools facing challenging circumstances
Funding: £8,000
Role: Co-investigator

The project examined the career trajectories of teachers working in socio-economically disadvantaged urban schools. Outputs included a report and a conference paper. The research was conducted with Dr Lisa Jones (Principal Investigator) and Prof. Olwen McNamara (Co-investigator)  

Date: October 2005-September 2006
Funder: Teacher Training Agency
Title: Urban Initial Teacher Education Project 2 – Working in Urban Schools in ‘Challenging Contexts’
Funding: £15,000
Role: Principal Investigator 

This research and development project investigated the experiences of new teachers in their first post-QTS year working in schools designated as being in ‘challenging circumstances’. Outputs included a report, a journal article and conference papers. The research was conducted with Co-Director (Andy Ash) and co-investigators Dr Sophie Diamontopolou, Dr Lisa Jones and Prof. Carlo Raffo

Date: October 2003-September 2004
Funder: Teacher Training Agency
Title: Urban Initial Teacher Education project 1 – Training teachers to work in urban schools
Funding: £15,000
Role: Principal Investigator 

This research and development project investigated the characteristics and dispositions of new teachers wanting to work in urban schools (2003 -04). Outputs included a report and conference papers. The research was conducted with co-investigators Prof. Carlo Raffo, Andy Ash, Dr Lisa Jones and Dr Sophie Diamontopolou

Date: Sept 2002-Sept 2004
Funder: Higher Education Funding Council
Title: Excellence Fellowships
Funding: £60,000
Role: Co-investigator

This research and development project involved collaborating with teachers on school based widening participation projects. Outputs included a report. Research conducted with Prof. Carlo Raffo (Principal Investigator).

Date:  January 01 – November 01
Funder: Department for International Development
Title: Links between education and the workplace in Malawi
Funding: £51,000
Role: Principal Investigator

Funded through the Department for International Development’s ‘Skills for Development’ strand, this project focused upon the development of links between FE/HE and workplaces and the recognition of qualifications by Malawian employers. It was carried out in collaboration with the University of Bath, School of Management. Outputs included conference papers and a journal article.

Date: Jan – June 2000
Funder: Northern Consortium of Universities
Title: Establishing the feasibility of providing university modules in the Sixth Form of English and Welsh Schools and Colleges
Funding: £22,500
Role: Director and Principal Investigator

The research examined emerging changes in the boundaries between schools and universities and curriculum based partnerships between these institutions. Outputs included a report and three journal articles. The research was conducted with Prof. Carlo Raffo, Dr Harold Thomas and Helen Notman (Co-investigators) 

Date: Sept 98 – Dec 2000
Funder: Department for Education and Employment/Manchester Training and Enterprise Council Title: The work-related curriculum at KS$
Funding: £101,000
Role: Principal Investigator

This project was an evaluation of the Manchester TEC Mpower KS4 work related curriculum project in over 40 schools across four LEAs. One RA was employed full-time on the project and the research was conducted with Prof. Carlo Raffo as joint Project Director. Outputs included a project report, conference papers and journal articles.

Key findings from this research were disseminated via a London School of Economics ESRC seminar series focusing on disaffection and the work-related curriculum


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