Dr Susan Riley
Lecturer in TESOL


I am involved in a variety of academic endeavours within the TESOL group at St. Luke's and the Dubai EdD. Here are some of my activities:

MEd: On the MEd TESOL Full-time programme I am module leader for Language Testing and Assessment, Language Awareness and Issues in English Language Teaching.

Summer intensive MEd: I am Director of the Summer Intensive MEd TESOL programme, and leader of modules as above.

EdD: I teach the Professionalism module in Dubai and contribute a session on Leadership and Management in Education on the Critical Issues in TESOL module.

Supervision: I supervise several MEd students each year in TESOL; I am first supervisor for a number of EdD students who are progressing well. I supervise several PhD students, some here on campus and others overseas; I am second supervisor for several EdD and PhD students. To date (March 2018), 25 of my doctoral students have submitted and been awarded their EdD or PhD.

Academic interests: My main interest has long been Classroom teaching and specifically writing, focusing on academic writing; peer reading and revision was the topic of my PhD. My interests have broadened as I have taken on a variety of courses and had different job experiences; Assessment, especially of speaking, is a current interest, while aspects of Leadership in education, and particularly TESOL, continue to be enticing. I am also now exploring professional development for teachers and other areas of the broad construct of being a professional in TESOL.




PhD in Multilingual/Multicultural Education (TESOL) from Florida State University, USA (1995).

MSc in Teaching English for Specific Purposes from Aston University (1989)

BA in European History and Danish Language (1977).

Cert TEFLA and Dip TEFLA


I have followed a typically varied and fascinating career teaching English since taking up TEFL as a young graduate in 1978. Some of the longer teaching positions have been: Egypt (1 year); Dominican Republic (2 years); Indonesia (5 years); UK (Oxford - 2 years); USA (5 years); UAE (6 years); UK again (Exeter - 12 years to date). As well as these jobs, like most EFL teachers from the UK I have taught many summer school groups ranging from young teens to serious university applicants on university EAP courses, including at Bath, UEA and Exeter (INTO). The teaching has been General English, ESP, EAP, and now lecturing on Masters and Doctoral programmes. I have management experience at Reading University (directing an In-sessional and Pre-sessional programme) and in the UAE (director of a university ESP programme). Now at Exeter I am Director of the Summer Intensive MEd TESOL programme. 

Contact details

Internal tel4899
Tel+44 (0) 1392 724899
AddressBaring Court
University of Exeter St Luke's Campus
Heavitree Road
OfficeBC 214

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