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Anna Howell


Current Role

My role involves writing, proof-reading, structuring and editing copy for the College website, its disciplines:

Arab and Islamic Studies
Education (including the variety of subjects within Continuing Education)
Strategy and Security

and its intranet.

(I am allocated specific areas to develop, so I am only the author/navigational designer of a small percentage of these sites.)

My approach is to attempt to bring out the individuality of the subject - hopefully portraying something which can be visualised or felt by the reader, as I think this helps with understanding, critical engagement and the memorability of the message.

I enjoy helping people communicate their ideas, and enabling others to find something of real value to them in those ideas. I see my role as learning about the subject, learning about the audience that would be interested in or benefit from knowing about it, and building a communicative bridge between the two.

Background and Writing Strengths

I have worked at the University since the late 1990s - in:

Exeter University Press
the School of Postgraduate Medicine (now the Exeter Medical School)
the School of Education and Lifelong Learning (now the Graduate School of Education)
Educational Enhancement
the College of Social Science and International Studies.

I have experience in a range of administrative roles, distance learning, web building (text, design and code), technical support (hardware and software), copyright, IPR, accessibility, and a basic understanding of databasing. I enjoy roles that involve the production of written materials that support students or staff.

I am particularly interested in resolving written communication errors, as one of my key strengths is understanding complex information or procedural systems, and the ways in which they could be interpreted by multifarious audiences. My experience has taught me that communication failures are often caused by an unintentional deviation from a 'truth' somewhere (sometimes deeply buried), which creates an internal contradiction and subsequent lack of clarity. I have learnt that errors in grammar and punctuation, hyperbole, and 'writing as one speaks (or thinks)' can be indicators of an underlying message that has logical flaws in it, and so I'm a bit of a pedant when it comes to fixing these. It's rather like marzipan that appears perfect at first glance - when you remove the covering to fix a little bump, you realise the cake is only part baked. As a writer, I can do marzipan - but I'm more about the cake.


I can also do brevity.

Contact details

Internal tel2853
Tel+44 (0) 1392 722853

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