Dr Judith Kleine Staarman
Senior Lecturer in Education and Director of Thinking Schools @Exeter

External responsibilities

Competitively won research fellowships

RCUK Academic Fellowship, The Open University (won, but not taken up due to relocation)

International recognition, such as international research collaborations, visiting research posts in overseas institutions, involvement at senior levels in international research associations, acting as referee for national and international research councils.

Visiting lecturer, University of Lleida, Spain

Visiting Research Fellow, The Open University (2004-2005)

Journal and book series Editorships and Editorial board membership

Co-Editor (with Karen Littleton and Claire Wood) of The International Handbook of Psychology in Education. Published by Emerald Publishing Group Limited, June 2010.

Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Early Years Education.


Keynote addresses or prestigious public lectures given in international forums

2011: Qualitative Analysis of Classroom Dialogue. Invited workshop at the EARLI Jure Conference, Exeter 2011.

2006: Analysing Classroom Interaction. Invited seminar at the University of Lleida, Spain

2006: Sociocultural Analysis of Classroom Dialogue (with Neil Mercer). Invited seminar for the EARLI Social Interaction in Learning and Instruction Special Interest Group at Leiden University, The Netherlands

Research-based contributions to practitioner and academic conferences

Kleine Staarman, J.,  & Piffare, M. (2011). Dialogic interaction among primary pupils in a wiki-  environment in science. Paper presented at the European Association for Research in Learning and  Instruction (EARLI) 2011 conference, Exeter, UK.

Kleine Staarman, J., Warwick, P., Mercer, N. & Kershner, R. (2008). Interactive whiteboards and collaborative pupil learning in primary science. Paper presented at the ISCAR 2008 conference, San Diego.

Mercer, N., Kleine Staarman, J. & Dawes, L. (2008). Time for talk in the science classroom:  the dynamics of teaching through dialogue. Paper presented at the ISCAR 2008 conference, San Diego.

Kleine Staarman, J. (2006). Learning to collaborate: Interactions in a in a primary school learning environment with ICT. [ Leren samenwerken: Interacties in een ICT leeromgeving op de basisschool]. Paper presented at the Educational Research Days 2006, Amsterdam, The    Netherlands.

Gillen, J., Kleine Staarman, J., Littleton, K., Mercer, N., Twiner, A. (2006). A “learning revolution”? Investigating pedagogic practices around Interactive Whiteboards in British Primary classrooms. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), San Francisco, USA.

Kleine Staarman, J. (2005). Analysing the long conversation in the classroom: Collaborative learning trajectories in primary school children’s computer supported literacy practices. Paper presented at the First ISCAR Congress (International Society for Cultural and Activity Research), Seville, Spain.

Mercer, N. & Kleine Staarman, J. (2005). Dialogue and Activity: A methodological gap that needs to be filled. Paper presented at the First ISCAR Congress (International Society for Cultural and Activity Research), Seville, Spain.

Kleine Staarman, J. (2005). Learning to collaborate: the role of intertextuality in the joint               construction of meaning in a primary school CSCL project. Paper presented at the EARLI                  2005 conference, Nicosia, Cyprus.


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