Professor Patrick Dillon
Emeritus Professor


Research interests

Patrick Dillon is an Emeritus Professor.  He has worked in higher education for over 25 years. Prior to that he worked in industry and taught in primary and secondary schools. His current research interests are:

  • Education, culture and technology as an interdisciplinary field and matters associated with this in formal, informal and non-formal education, e.g. education through museums, creativity in education, transdisciplinary education.
  • E-Learning and multimedia in education, pedagogy and practice, e.g. the sociocultural contexts of new technologies; collaborative learning in on-line education; second language learning through virtual learning environments.
  • Theories of design and design education.

Keywords: sociocultural theory, ethnography, e-learning, creativity, cross-disciplinarity, cultural studies, design education, educational multimedia

Research grants

  • 2004 European Union/Leonardo
    Multicultural e-learning competencies (with Marchmont Observatory).
  • 2004 Arts and Humanities Research Board
    Pedagogy and Virtual Exhibitions
  • 2003 SELL Research Committee
    Virtual learning environments, community identity and pedagogy
  • 2003 Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd
    Teacher Training Agency. Evaluation of the Intel Teach to the Future Programme
  • 2003 Arts and Humanities Research Board
    Virtual exhibitions (with the Bill Douglas Centre)
  • 2003 Exeter City Council
    New Opportunities Fund. On-line learning on history of Devon.
  • 2003 Exeter City Council
    On-line access to World Cultures Collection
  • 2003 European Union
    Trans-European telecommunications network
  • 2003 Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd
    A Networked Framework for Continuing Professional Development
  • 2003 New Opportunities Fund
    New Opportunities Fund. Cornish Cultural Grid for Learning.
  • 2003 Medasset
    Medasset. e-learning for European turtle conservation and environmental education

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