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Ms Christine Mitchell

Honorary University Fellow


At the outset of my career I taught in primary schools in London and East Sussex developing a specialist interest in mathematics and the early years. I began to work in Higher Education in 1984 beginning with the West London Institute (now part of Brunel University). During this time, I undertook a range of external consultancies for schools across the London Boroughs supporting primary teachers’ professional development in mathematics, assessment, IT and play.

At Exeter University, my teaching included primary undergraduate and PGCE mathematics education including the specialist mathematics programme. At the same time I designed and taught masters level modules in mathematics education, assessment and gifted and talented education. In 2003, I became Head of Undergraduate Studies (non-QTS) and developed the Education and Childhood Studies programmes.

My freelance education consultancy portfolio began in 2005 and includes a variety of project management roles as well as continuing as a University Visiting Tutor for primary trainees and as a trainer for school based mentors and principal school tutors.
As Head of Learning and co-ordinator for the South West Gifted and Talented Regional Partnership (2005-2012), I developed a specialist interest in teaching and learning approaches for more able children and organised one day enrichment workshops for pupils across the South West as well as CPD and research opportunities for teachers and LA advisers.

I have a particular research interest in Student or Pupil Voice and ran eight action research projects (government funded) with schools across the South West. I have supported secondary schools in their Student Voice projects and organised a South West Regional Student Voice group for more able pupils.

My current research includes a focus on engaging ‘hard to reach’ parents with an emphasis on involving the parents of Yr 1 children in supporting their children’s mathematical development at home.

I have also trained as a family mediator.


Research interests

Selected Publications

  • Berry, J., Griffin, P and Mitchell, C (2010) Working Mathematically with Able, gifted and Talented Pupils, Devon: DLP ldp.pubs@devon.gov.uk 
  • Mitchell C., (ed) (2009) Engaging Pupil Voice in Gifted and Talented Education, Devon: DLP ldp.pubs@devon.gov.uk
  • Hughes, M., Desforges, C., Mitchell, C. (2000) Numeracy & Beyond: Using and Applying Mathematics in the Primary School, 126 pp, Buckingham: OUP.
  • Mitchell, C. Williams, H. (1998) Teaching mathematics to young children: 4-7, 119 pp, Cambridge: Kington.
  • Mitchell, C., Koshy, V. (1995 2nd revised edition). Effective Teacher Assessment: Looking closely at children’s learning, 121 pp, London: Hodder & Stoughton. 

Invitation presentations: national and international

  • Brunel University (2005) Dissemination Conference on KS1 Gifted and Talented Projects.
  • Torfaen (2004) Conference for Gifted and Talented Provision.
  • Devon Curriculum Services Regional Dissemination Conference (2004) Gifted and Talented Provision.
  • DfES National Gifted & Talented Conference (2003) ‘Shall I Draw a Cross Section?’
  • Brunel University (2003) Nurturing Giftedness in Young Children.
  • EARLI Gothenburg, Sweden, (1999) Using writing to scaffold children's explanations in mathematics.
  • Kristiansand University, Norway, (1999) Using and applying mathematics in the primary age phase.
  • BERA Belfast, (1998) Developing mathematical reasoning at Key Stage 1 and 2.
  • Mathematical Association Lecture, May 1998: International Perspectives on Mathematics Teaching and Learning.
  • Mathematical Association Lecture, May 1992: Developing mental imagery in mathematics teaching and learning.
  • Joint paper with Martin Hughes on teachers’ beliefs about concept formation presented at the Seventh International Conference for Mathematical Education, Quebec, August 1992.
  • Paper on 'Working with Colleagues: the implications for ITT' presented at WALMATO Annual Conference, Mid-Wales, September 1992.


Research projects

  • Engaging Pupil Voice in Gifted and Talented Education 2006-8 DCSF Funded £25,000Enhancing Practice: The Professional Development role of Leading Practitioners (Leading Teachers)
  • The identification and provision of effective teaching and learning strategies to cater for gifted and talented children in Key Stage One classrooms. DfES funded £20,000.           
  • The development of trainee teachers’ professional learning through school-based work mentoring. Departmental research fund.
  • Writing Frames in Mathematics action-research project initially funded by the Nuffield Foundation, £49.000.
  • Co-Director of Using and Applying Mathematics in Primary Schools project funded by the Nuffield Foundation, £40,000.
  • Teachers’ beliefs about concept formation and curriculum decision making in early mathematics.
  • Part-time secondment to the University of London Institute of Education and the Consortium for Assessment and Testing in Schools developing Standard. Assessment Tasks for Key Stage 1 National Curriculum.


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Journal articles

Mitchell, C. (2004). Creativity and Enjoyment. Mathematics Teaching, 188, 32-33.
Mitchell, C. (2004). Reflexiones sobre experiencias matematicas de estudiantes de 3 a 5 anos (Reflections on the mathematical abilities of 3-5 year olds). Educacion Matematica, 16(1), 195-217.

Publications by year


Mitchell, C. (2004). Creativity and Enjoyment. Mathematics Teaching, 188, 32-33.
Mitchell, C. (2004). Reflexiones sobre experiencias matematicas de estudiantes de 3 a 5 anos (Reflections on the mathematical abilities of 3-5 year olds). Educacion Matematica, 16(1), 195-217.

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