MEd TESOL Student stories

Some of our students talk about their experience of the MEd TESOL programme at Exeter.

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Ypatia Maria Poulou

I believe that the MEd TESOL contributes a lot to my development as an English teacher and I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

Sean Hodges

Perhaps the most important aspect was the engagement of the teaching staff, who contantly displayed energy and enthusiasm as well as great patience with my often stumbling attempts at being an academic again.

Lilia Barrios-Rodriguez

Sharing experiences with other English teachers from different countries is very rewarding, because I find similarities and also differences than can help me to overcome my problems in my context.

Helen Absalom

I was impressed to see that here was a course which matched my needs: face to face rather than screen tuition; almost full flexibility in the choice of modules; and attendance during the summer holidays so I did not need to take time off from teaching.

Elizabeth Noel

The course has improved my practical and theoretical knowledge of teaching English to speakers of other languages and feedback from my students and colleagues has shown me I am becoming more skilled as a teacher, which has been great.