Sean Hodges

Sean Hodges

Before I started the course I had already been teaching for 26 years, 20 of which had been in Germany in TEFL and company work as well as teaching on the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in the Munich Business School. I don't mind telling you that I was getting jaded and a litltle bit cynical and bored! So I thought I needed some new input and a reason to get moving again. No thoughts of career or advancement were in the decision. I knew Exeter was a good university as well as a lovely place to visit, and the course allowed me flexibility to carry on working plus a couple of summers in Exeter was a real attraction.

Being the oldest in the group by far I was often asked the question by students and tutors why I was there, to which I answered "just for fun" which was very true as it really was a lot of fun! I was also curious as to what the lecturers would have to tell me as I thought it might be difficult for them to tell me something I didn't already know! However, it was clear from day one that the teaching staff were not only very well qualifiied in their areas but also totally committed to what is happening now and its implications for us as practitioners. They demonstrated a level of enthusiasm in their subjects which I had lost a long time ago and showed me areas, themes, topics and directions which drew me back 'into the faith'.

Each summer was not only a pleasure and a privilege but also a chance to enjoy Exeter, the walks down river to the quay, or to just hang out and look at the cathedral. Our second year saw a couple of us acting as social secretaries where we organised some Shakespeare in the park and a cricket match to watch Devon County.

Perhaps the most important aspect was the engagement of the teaching staff, who contantly displayed energy and enthusiasm as well as great patience with my often stumbling attempts at being an academic again. The writing of my thesis was immensely enjoyable and a journey in itself - I'm proud of it!

There isn't one thing about Exeter that is 'unique'. What there is is a whole array of experiences which in the end created a unique experience for me which was tinged with sadness when I finished my thesis and knew that my Exeter experience was at an end.

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