Lilia Barrios-Rodriguez

Lilia Barrios-Rodriguez

I was really interested in studying a Masters Degree in Education, but in my country (Mexico) it is very difficult to find one for English Teachers and I have never been in an English country. Studying in Exeter during the summer is very convenient for me, because I can work in my country and stay with my family during the rest of the year

Sharing experiences with other English teachers from different countries is very rewarding, because I find similarities and also differences than can help me to overcome my problems in my context.

Being in England is also very interesting. I can speak with native speakers, and also with people from different countries, because England is a multicultural country. I really enjoy meeting people in the streets, very nice people, real life people. I can see the famous places in England. This helps me to share British culture with my family, colleagues, students and friends in Mexico.

The programme is very challenging, the lectures are very interesting and I can learn a lot from my tutors. The University gives complete support through the library because I can retrieve the electronic journals everywhere. The tutors give me support by email at any time during the programme, and I have enough time to read and prepare my assignments.

Another teacher that studied in Exeter recommended the programme to me and of course I would recommend the programme to another person. The programme has useful and practical modules in our area of study that we can practice in our context.

I think there are a lot of universities that can fulfill our requirements, but Exeter is the only one that offers a Summer Intensive programme in TESOL. The group of students is not very numerous, so the attention from our tutors is personalised and you feel confidence to ask your doubts. The tutors also know you very well; you are not a number such as in other universities.

After finishing my studies in Exeter I hope to gain more economic benefits in my current job and share all my knowledge with my institution and colleagues. I would also like to continue studying on my own, to keep updated in my knowledge.

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