Accredited Schools

Below you will find details and links of all our current accredited schools.  


School Level Report and School URL Link
Akiva Primary

Akiva School 2016

All Faiths Children's Academy 1

All Faiths Children's Academy 2018

Alwoodley Primary School 1

Alwoodley Primary School 2018

Amnuay Silpa School 2

Amnuay Silpa School 2016

Barbara Priestman Academy 2

Barbara Priestman Academy 2016

Barton Court Grammar School 2

Barton Court Grammar School

Cedar Children's Academy 1

Cedar Children's Academy

Cumran Primary 1

Cumran Primary 2017

East Sheen Primary School 1

East Sheen Primary 2017

Edgware Primary School 1

Edgware Primary School Level 1 September 2018

Holcombe Grammar School 1

Holcombe Grammar School Level 1 September 2019

Isambard Brunel Junior School 1

Isambard Brunel Junior 2017

Kingsmead College (Junior School) 2

Kingsmead College (Junior School) 2018

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls 2

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls Advanced Re-accreditation 2018

New Horizons Children's Academy 1

New Horizons Children's Academy 2018

Newbridge Junior School 1

Newbridge Junior School 2017 

Pro Ed House School 1

Pro Ed House School, Level 1, 2018

Oaklands Junior School 1

Oaklands Junior School 2018

Redden Court School 1

Redden Court School Level 1 2018

Roedean Junior School for Girls 1

Roedean Junior School (SA) Re-accreditation 2018

Roedean Secondary School  1

Roedean Senior School (grades 10-12) 2017

Roedean Senior School, Johannesburg (grades 8 & 9) 

South African College Junior School 1

South African College Junior School 2017 

St Jame's Catholic Primary School 1

St James's Primary School 

St Stithian's Girls' Preparatory School 1

St Stithians Girls Prep School

The Gordon Children's Academy 1

The Gordon Children's Academy

The James Hornsby School 1

The James Hornsby School 2016

The Portsmouth Academy  1

The Portsmouth Academy 2016

The Rochester Grammar School 2

The Rochester Grammar School

The Victory Academy 1

The Victory Academy 2018 

Trinity St. Peter's CE Primary 1

Trinity St. Peter's CE Primary School Level 1 2019

Weald of Kent Grammar School 1

Weald of Kent Grammar School 2018

Whiteheath Infant & Nursery School 1

Whiteheath Infant and Nursery School Level 1 2019