Law Careers event with Judges 2018

Mark Sutherland Williams and Elizabeth Grant with Dr Ana Beduschi, Senior Lecturer in Law and students.

Exeter Law Alumni share their experiences with students about how to become a judge

Exeter alumni, Mark Sutherland Williams, Resident Judge at Hatton Cross and Elizabeth Grant, Immigration and Asylum Tribunal Judge were warmly welcomed back by students and staff at the University of Exeter Law School when they came to talk to students about how their career paths led them to their current positions as Judges.

In the talk both alumni emphasised what opportunities they took whilst working as a solicitor or barrister which helped them with applications to progress their careers. As well as discussing the skills and qualities required to become a judge, the discussion also focused on the future of the profession and the opportunities that are developing for lawyers and judges as technololgy plays an ever-greater role in day-to-day work in court.

Students who attended the event commented that it was a great opportunity to find out about the career path to judge, which can seem quite confusing. Thanks to our alumni, the path now seems a little less daunting.

Date: 24 October 2018