Politics alumni photo for side panel

Our panellists left to right: Murray McKirdle (BA Politics 2012); Lucy Puentes y Larduet (BA Politics 2005); Victoria Mackarness (BA Politics 2014); Clara Hawkshaw (BA Intenational Relations, 2009) and David Watson (BA Politics 2002)

Politics alumni reveal the secrets of their success

A Politics degree equips you with a highly-valued set of skills which are essential for a number of career paths. Throughout the degree programme and with extra-curricular activity, students develop resilience, critical-thinking, problem solving and excellent communication skills, to name a few. The Employability team in the College of Social Sciences and International studies aims to help current students see how those skills can be applied to different career paths by inviting alumni to talk about their career stories.
Our alumni panel, hosted by Dr Sarah Cooper, Lecturer in Politics, covered a range of topics which included discussion of the different careers our alumni were in, the decision they made to get where they are and advice to current students about their own career development. We looked in depth at the issues of how to decide whether post-graduate study is right for some, how to get in to development work and the value of internships. The Chair of the panel, David Watson, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Economics and Finance at the Overseas Development Institute commented:
“It was a pleasure to come back to my University, share some advice on working in politics and meet current students. Not to mention seeing all the developments on campus that have taken place since 2003, including the massively impressive Forum and Devonshire House complex! I was pleased to be able to offer some insights into my career pathways – through advocacy, to the civil service and now the NGO and research sector. I was also really encouraged by the level of interest in working on international development and humanitarian affairs.”


Date: 21 October 2016