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Refresh Your Maths is a unique collaboration between the Maths Department and the College of Social Sciences and International Studies

Refresh Your Maths

This year the College of Social Sciences and International Studies has taken a fresh approach to tackling one of the most challenging parts of the graduate recruitment process: numerical reasoning tests and the general maths skills required in some application procedures.

Refresh Your Maths is a new initiative working in collaboration with the Maths Department. We have employed six Maths students to run workshops on basic maths skills, plus practising techniques and methods for completing numerical reasoning tests.  After receiving training and guidance from the Careers and Education Enhancement teams, the Maths students have created their own resources to deliver training to students in the College of Social Sciences and International Studies.

The Workshops also cover some specialist areas where the peer tutors deliver guidance on the maths tests for PGCE applications and numerical reasoning test practice in small group sessions. SSIS students can sign up to attend the sessions on My Career Zone. 

Early feedback is positive, and we hope to see improvements in student’s confidence with their Maths skills even further. One student commented:

“I went to the Refresh Your maths workshop yesterday and it was super!! It was so helpful and really gave me some confidence!”

The project has been funded by the Annual Fund. We hope to continue the collaboration in the future with the help of sponsorship.

Date: 3 November 2015