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“It was great having someone who worked within charity to come and speak as this is an interest of many sociology students and provides a broad range of careers for students to consider.” Second Year Student

Sociology students find out what a career providing humanitarian support is really like

On Monday 3rd February Jamie Piriou from the British Red Cross came to talk about careers in Humanitarian work and how having a Sociology or Philosophy degree can help when it comes to difficult decision making and coping with challenging situations. During the talk, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology students were introduced into the type of experiences they could expect if choosing a career in humanitarian action. Jamie proved to have an inspiring and impressive career, using his degree in Society & Government with French.

An important aspect that Jamie pressed upon was the significance of language in a career like this; however he assured everyone that it did not need to be a degree level standard, confirming it’s more about how you speak it as opposed to your knowledge of the language. As long as you can get by and communicate with people, you can learn the specifics on the job.  

“Jamie’s speech was excellent. He began with a fun exercise, which helped break the ice, and allowed us to become engaged with the talk before it had even started. As well as speaking about the ways in which life could take you, he used many of his own experiences, which helped us to grasp the concept of his career and what would be involved if we decided to go down that path. He was very engaging and it was a brilliant way to see how far your degree can take you, as well as a few handy tips for life in general.” First Year Student

Another beneficial aspect to Jamie’s talk was the variety of resources he introduced in order to try and gain internships and work experience from United Nations Volunteers who recruit through voluntary service overseas to the EU electoral observation unit and many more. 

“Jamie provided a structured talk with loads of information for us to further research career opportunities. A very useful talk!” Second Year Student

Date: 17 February 2014