Politics students in the role of lobbyists

Spotlight on a career in lobbying

Politics students at the Penryn campus had first-hand experience of what it is like working as an EU lobbyist at a workshop delivered by Prometheus Public Affairs. The firm’s partners, Jessica Brobald and Eleonora Wäktare delivered a comprehensive overview of what lobbying means and how to lobby in European institutions. After setting the scene, students were given their own lobbing task to complete and present on. This involved researching both the subject and the people in the EU who might be approached on the issue.

“The case studies provided a tangible example of the work of a lobbyist and we could track through the whole process.” commented politics student Joe Cruxon.

The whole day highlighted the many opportunities to work in lobbying. Whether you are working in a large NGO, public affairs agency or a small start-up company, a good lobbying strategy can help you influence government agendas and legislation.

Date: 26 May 2016