Student profiles

It is never too early to start planning ahead for your career.  Here is some advice from recent graduates on what you can do to prepare for your future after University...

I organised a trip to the Streatham Campus for a talk by alumni who are working in the Civil Service. Not only did this provide a sense of ownership and pride, but it also gave me the insight and determination to eventually secure a place in the Civil Service Fast Stream.

Charlotte Thomas, Politics and International Studies, Penryn campus

Finding a balance between your course work and other activities shows future employers that you can perform effective time management and that you are not one-dimensional.

Aisling Dundon, International Relations

You can combine studying with relevant work experience, and the Summer holidays in particular offer the chance to undertake internships to develop your skills and networks.

Tom O’Bryan, International Relations

I would highly recommend going to alumni talks, attending Networking events, doing the Exeter Award, using the Career Mentor Scheme and shadowing somebody who works in your field of interest!

Anna Riddiford, BA Sociology

My advice to new students would be to visit the Law firms that come to the University of Exeter, which is a unique chance to meet and interact with many big firms.

Charlotte Evenden, Law

Spend your time in University productively: get work experience, apply for internships and try to gain diverse experiences which focus on what you want to do in your future career.

Francesca Bowen, International Relations

Be open to taking modules that might not upon first thought necessarily seem suited to you. A wider medley of courses can lead to avenues of interests that might introduce you to a new career path.

Max Hodgson, BA International Relations with Study Abroad

Besides studying, I would recommend that prospective students get involved in their subject specific society and expand their network.

Eleanor Swingewood, BA (Hons) Arabic and Middle East studies

Don’t be afraid to audition for things like the Drama Department and the music societies! I’d also highly recommend doing a year abroad if you have the opportunity.

Lydia Jones, History with Politics and a Proficiency in Spanish (Flexible Combined Honours)

Link your academic studies to extra-curricular activities. Get involved in the Politics Society, take part in Model UN or Model EU, volunteer with a local MP or get involved in volunteering.

Grace Brownfield, BA Politics

My top tip for prospective students is to join societies, get the Exeter Award, volunteer and get as much work experience as possible.  

Jessica Bryant, Philosophy and Politics (Flexible Combined Honours)

Challenge yourself to take opportunities which stretch you and get into the habit of saying ‘yes’ when something interesting comes up.

Jonnie Beddall, BA Politics