behind a camera: in front a hawza- Massimiliano Fusari’s photographic exploration of the little known social space of the hawza.

Making Plans For Friday - Oliver Flexman



Images from Leïla Sebbar's photo-diary


Previous exhibitions

  • A Tale of Two Rivers
    23rd February - 19th May 2017
    An Exhibition by the Wye Valley Society and the Nubian Languages and Culture Project.The exhibition reflects on how the people of each river valley are dealing with threats to their environment and how they are protecting these outstanding sites of natural beauty and cultural importance.The focus of the exhibition is the importance of the environment of both the river Wye and the Nubian Nile for personal inspiration and the flourishing of intangible culture.
  • The Hidden Face of Iran
    26th September - 16th December 2016
    This exhibition presents a series of images, by French photographer Bernard Russo, which captures the everyday life of ordinary people in Iran – images rarely seen in the West where  Iran is typically presented as a land of culture, religion (often fundamental), and the centre of Sharia law.
  • Spain and England, Juan Luis Vives and Thomas More
    Monday 13th April - Wednesday 13th May
    This exhibition, the first to examine Juan Luis Vives and Thomas More together, explores the personalities of these influential humanists, and the friendship between them, and in so doing illustrates the ethos of the transnational movement which they represented.
  • Transhumances Kurdes
    January – March 2015
    Pictures of pastoral life in Kurdish Turkey and Iraq by Michaël Thevenin.
  • Seasons of Mud‌
    12th May - 27th June 2014
    New paintings by Iraqi artist Yousif Naser – an exhibition in collaboration with the Iraqi Cultural Centre, London
  • Songs of the Deserts
    23 October – 19 December 2014
    A celebration of the desert in mosaic, calligraphy and storytelling. Artists: Elaine M Goodwin (mosaic), Mohamed Abaoubida (calligraphy), and author Richard Hamilton.
  • What if
    16 January - 31 March 2014
    Mousa al-Kordi presents a retrospective exhibition of his sculpture and paintings.
  • Lots to Spot
    21 - 28 April 2013
    Exhibition of photographs of Turkish street life by Gozde Yenipazarli and Nilay Islek.  Sponsored by the Turkish Society of the University of Exeter.  Lots to Spot
  • Islam, Trade and Politics Across the Indian Ocean
    12 January - 31 March 2013
    A travelling photographic exhibition produced by the British Library for ASEASUK and BIAA, supported by the British Academy.  Press release ITPIndian Ocean.
  • Algeria(s) in France: a journey through identity
    11 October - 23 November 2012
    A snapshot of contemporary novelist and photographer Leïla Sebbar's photo-diary as she attempts to negotiate her troubled half Algerian and half French history.  Algeria(s).
  • A photographic journey through Kurdish history
    7 September - 5 October 2012
    Chris Kutschera, a French photographer, has been covering Kurdistan for 40 years with her husband, a journalist. Showing key events and personalities encountered over these years, the work of Chris Kutschera invites you on a journey through Kurdish history.
  • Making Plans for Friday
    11 May – 24 August 2012
    Works by local artist Oliver Flexman through a combination of video, print, drawing, painting and stickers and explore our relationship and offer an opportunity to question the stereotypes  that govern our perception and engagement with the Arab World.  Making Plans for Friday
  • Makers, Menders & Materials
    Wednesday 11th April – Wednesday 25th April 2012
    Download the exhibition poster for further details.
  • behind the camera: in front the hawza
    6 February – 16 March 2012
    Massimiliano Fusari’s photographic exploration of the little known social space of the hawza.  Download the  exhibition information.
  • Lasting Impressions: Seals from the Islamic World
    Thursday 3 September – Friday 11 November 2011
    A travelling photographic exhibition from the British Library and the British Museum, which explores how Islamic seals were made and used, what was written on them and how they were decorated.
    Download the Seals from the Islamic World exhibition leaflet.
  • From Here to Eternity: An exhibition of mosaic and calligraphy
    31 January - 1 April 2011
    An exhibition exploring the philosophical concept of 'from here to eternity' from the viewpoints of the English mosaic artist Elaine M. Goodwin (non-religious) and the Moroccan calligrapher Mohamed Abaoubida (Muslim). Mosaic exhibition information
  • The Dhow: Mastery of the Monsoon
    20 September - 17 December 2010
    The first exhibition dedicated to the history of the dhow to be held in the UK. The exhibition included cultural artefacts, models, full-sized vessels and images relating to the dhow trade in the western Indian Ocean, Red Sea and Arabian-Iranian Gulf.
    More information
  • Journey of a lifetime  - An exhibition of photographs by HRH Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1938,
    2 July - 14 August 2010.
  • The Urban Environment: Mirror and Mediator of Radicalization?, 14 – 18 June 2010. More details
  • ANDALUSI Heritage: Images and Objects, 6 May - 11 June 2010.
  • Silver legend  - an exhibition showing the story of a remarkable silver coin, 1 Feb - 16 April 2010.
  • Sudan East and West  - Archaeology and Culture, 22 Oct - 18 Dec 2009.
  • De-Placing Future Memory, 23 Sep - 17 Oct 2009
  • From Arabia to Exeter  1959-2009, 21 May - 30 June 2009.
    Please also see From Arabia to Exeter: a family’s story and Understanding The McLoughlin Family Exhibition 
  • On to Pastures New by Mike Jory
  • 'Knowing the Desert' W J Harding King's exploration of the Libyan Desert
  • Gold Dozi : an exhibition of embroidery by the women’s group of the Refugee Support Group Devon.
  • Light Variation
  • Paintings of Eastern Turkish Architecture by Richard Yeomans. 9 Nov - 14 Dec 2007.
  • 10 poems from Hafez, March-May 2007.
  • Paradise Lost: Nubia Before the 1964 Exodus (The Hijra), photographic tribute by Professor Herman Bell 2 Nov - 9 Feb 2007.
  • The Pallium Paintings, by Clare Shepherd 18 May - 1 September 2006.
  • High Steel Blues, by Stella Tripp 13 March - 12 May 2006.
  • Year Abroad Photography Prize 2005
  • A View of Cyprus, by Jamie Hepburn 19 Jan - 3 March 2006.
  • Syria Lives , by Sarah Noble 10 Oct - 9 Dec 2005.
  • Aspects of Light II, by Elaine M. Goodwin 20 May - 22 July 2005
  • Silence, by Sean Goddard 24 Feb - 15 April 2005
  • Mosque, by Patrick Jones
  • Landscape of England & Cornwall, by Toni Onley 17 June - 8 October 2004
  • Pearls in the Sand, by Alan Villiers 21 May - 8 June 2004
  • Al-Batin, by Mousa Al-Kordi 9 May - 14 June 2002
  • Little Rugs, by Rosemary Patmore Kemble Feb - May 2002
  • Soulscapes
  • Beauty of Arab Costume
  • Freya Stark in Southern Arabia

Spain and England, Juan Luis Vives and Thomas More

Monday 13th April - Wednesday 13th May