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Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies Academic, Dr Leonard Lewisohn, has sadly passed away

The staff and students of the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, are very sad to announce that, on Monday 6 August 2018, our colleague and friend Dr. Leonard Lewisohn passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

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Education Incubator award for Dr Katie Natanel and Dr Kerry Chappell

Dr Katie Natanel from IAIS has been awarded a £10,000 University of Exeter Education Incubator grant, along with project partner Dr Kerry Chappell from the Graduate School of Education.

The project is called "Digital innovation in project-based learning: toward a model for praxis". 

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Exhibition on Gender to highlight student projects

The Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter is to host an exhibition highlighting student work on gender studies this Friday, 11th May.

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Priests of ancient faith threatened with extinction share their traditions for future generations

The leaders of an ancient religion threatened with extinction by conflict in the Middle East have allowed their highly complex water-based rituals to be recorded by outsiders for the first time.

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Magic, Malta and a Muslim during the Inquisition in 1605

Making a living by practising magic can have dramatic consequences, especially if you are a Muslim slave with mainly Christian clients at the time of the Inquisition in early 17th century Malta.

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