A student's view of Arab and Islamic Studies in Exeter.

An interview with...

Reema Saffarini, MA Middle East Policy Studies, 2008-09

What were your motivations for choosing your postgraduate programme?

I am interested in the Middle East as a whole; especially the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I aspire to work one day with a Non-Governmental Organisation in the region. There is also the possibility of going back to journalism but with a specialisation in Middle East politics. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

What do you enjoy about your area of study?

Everything to do with the Middle East interests me. I have a very soft spot for the area and I hope that one day I will be able to help in the development of the region.

Why did you decide to study this degree at the University of Exeter?

Because of the University’s reputation and where it stands in this field. Also I read the profiles of some of the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies graduates and alumni and all I could think of is I want to be able to achieve what many of them have achieved!

Would you recommend this postgraduate degree to someone considering studying here?

I definitely would because the Professors are simply an amazing source of knowledge and I cannot think of any place where I can find this level of expertise. Plus, I am a fan of the work of some of the Honorary Researchers.

Do you think there are any factors which make the University of Exeter a unique place to study?

I believe that the multi-cultural environment, the University’s focus on students and their needs, and the expertise of Professors make the University a unique place to study. The University staff; especially those working in the international office, are extremely supportive and always ready to help.