Centre for Persian and Iranian Studies

The Centre for Persian and Iranian Studies (CPIS) was created in 2008 to coordinate and enhance the activities of scholars at the University of Exeter, within history, literature, philosophy, religious studies, politics, classics, and other fields relating to Persian and Iranian academia. The Centre is based in the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, within the College of Social Sciences and International Studies.

Persian and Iranian Studies

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level

We offer a number of optional modules at Undergraduate and Masters level.

Postgraduate Research

To students pursuing study towards an MPhil or PhD, we offer supervision in the following areas:

  • Contemporary Iranian politics and international relations
  • Iranian history, particularly since 1700, but also earlier periods
  • Intellectual history of Safavid and Qajar Iran
  • Religion in Iran, from the Seljuk period to the present
  • Iranian Shi'ite political and legal thought
  • Shi'ite ritual and religion
  • Sufism in Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and India
  • Classical Persian literature
  • Modern Persian literature
  • The Persian novel
  • Civil Society in Iran
  • Ethnicity, nationalism and identity