(AHRC) Classical Persian Poetry & poets: The Timurid & Turkmen Periods - Dr Leonard Lewisohn, 30 March 2013

Videos from the workshop

The workshop focused on the life, works and thought of all major and some of the minor poets who flourished during in the late Mongol, Timurid and Trkmen periods (roughly the 14th-15th centuries) when most the models of classical Persian poetry were perfected, and during which many major Persian poets flourished. Participants discussed and revisited the quite different conclusions regarding the decadence or deviance of the poets of this period that scholars have reached. Some of issues raised by the speakers included: intertextuality in Persian poetry; bachannalian and wine symbolism; eroticism and doctrines of love; Ibn Arabis theomonism; development of poetic genres; and the politics of patronage on Persian poetry.


Welcoming and opening remarks from Dr Lewisohn. Followed by chairing from Dr Lewisohn and presentation by Dr Ghomshei


Presentation by Dr Ghomshei followed by presentation by Dr Keyvani


Continued presentation from Dr Keyvani


Chairing by Dr Seyed Gohrab followed by presentation by Dr Lewisohn


Questions and answers followed by presentation by Dr Korangy


Dr Korangy followed by questions and answers


Chairing by Dr Keyvani followed by presentation by Dr Feuillbois-Pierunek


Continues presentation by Dr Feuillibois-Pierunek followed by presentation by Dr Seyed-Ghorab


Continued presentation by Dr Seyed-Ghorab followed by Dr Lewisohn


Concluding remarks to the Persian Poetry Workshop