The Centre for the Study of Islam (CSI)

The Centre has a full term of activities for the Autumn 2017-18.  All are welcome to attend any of the events. If you have any questions please contact the Centre’s director: Robert Gleave (  More information about the Centre for the Study of Islam can be found at:

Autumn Term Activities 2017-18

All lunchtime seminars (Classic Article in Islamic Studies Seminars and Arabic Texts Seminars) will last around one hour (1230-1300), in Seminar 1 unless otherwise stated.  Please do bring a packed lunch so you don’t feel hungry! The sessions are informal and we do not mind people tucking into their lunch during discussions. Visiting Speakers normally start at 5.15pm in Lecture Theatre 1.

Wednesday 4th October: CSI welcome lunch (1230-1330):  Come and meet the Islamic Studies teaching and research team and hear about the CSI activities.  Please let Pam Navran know you are attending so we order sufficient food (

Tuesday 17th October: Visiting Speaker (1730-1900): Professor Ismail Poonawala of University of California, Los Angeles, will speak on “Al-Qāḍī al-Nuʿmān: the founder of the Ismāʿīlī Shīʿī School of Law”

Wednesday 18th October: Arabic Texts Session:  Led by Professor Ismail Poonawala Poonawala: al-Turath wa'l-tajdid

Wednesday 1st November: Arabic Texts: Led by Dr Omar Anchassi Anchassi: 1st November Arabic Reading (part 1) Anchassi: 1st November Arabic Reading (part 2)

Wednesday 1st November: Visiting Speaker (1730-1900): Dr Yafa Shanneik (Birmingham) will talk on “The Aestheticization of Politics and the Poetics of Shia Rituals in the Gulf”

Wednesday 15th November: Arabic Texts Session: led by Dr Paul Gledhill Gledhill: Short texts on Diyah

Wednesday 22nd November: Visiting Speaker: Dr Saeed Zarrabi-Zadeh (Erfurt) “Sufism: An Outsider Perspective”

Friday 24th November: Governance and Violence in Islamic Law (USSPIP project workshop) – 0930-1700. (Knightley Building) Governance and Violence in Islamic Law Programme

Wednesday 29th November: Visiting Speaker and CSI Research Seminar “The Intellectual Dynamics of Post-Classical Islam”:  Professor Asad Q. Ahmed (University of California Berkeley) will give a lecture entitled “Palimpsests of Themselves:  Commentaries in Post-Classical Islam”, followed by research papers and roundtable discussion. 1200-1700 – programme to follow. Lecture Theatre 2 The Intellectual Dynamics of Post-Classical Islam

Thursday 14th December: CSI Research Workshop (1230-1730) – an afternoon of research reports, papers followed by us having a Christmas Meal together in the evening. CSI Christmas Research Workshop Programme 2017

To receive a copy of the texts please contact the CSI Administrator: Pam Navran (

Arabic texts sessions are open to everyone, regardless of your Arabic reading ability.


ADVANCED NOTICE: BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF ISLAMIC STUDIES CONFERENCE (BRAIS) to be held at Exeter, 9-11 April 2018.  Call for Papers closing date:  3rd December 2017 see:

Exeter CSI students should certainly think about submitting an abstract!