The Centre for the Study of Islam (CSI)

The Centre has a full term of activities for the Summer 2016-17.  All are welcome to attend any of the events. If you have any questions contact the Centre’s director: Robert Gleave (  More information about the Centre for the Study of Islam can be found at:

Summer Term Activities 2016-17

All lunchtime seminars (Classic Article in Islamic Studies Seminars and Arabic Texts Seminars) will last one hour (1300-1400), unless otherwise stated.  Please do bring a packed lunch so you don’t feel hungry! The sessions are informal and we do not mind people tucking into their lunch during discussions.

CSI Summer Term Activities 2016/17

CSI Workshop Programme 18 May 2017

Workshop Programme 14th June 2017


To receive a copy of the texts please contact the CSI Administrator: Pam Navran (

Arabic texts sessions are open to everyone, regardless of your Arabic reading ability.