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Keynote Speakers

NameKeynoteAffiliationAbstractPaperAudio file
Dr Neil Partrick National Identity in the GCC States Partrick Mideast Consulting & RUSI Abstract Paper Audio file
Prof Clive Holes Language and Identity in the Arab Gulf States University of Oxford   Paper Audio file
Dr Ali Al-Khouri The Question of Identity in the Gulf United Arab Emirates Identity Authority   to be provided Audio file
Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles Saudi-British Relations Foreign and Commonwealth Office      

After-Dinner Speech 

McLoughlin, Leslie Eastern Arabian Frontiers ... and Exeter University of Exeter, Centre for Gulf Studies Speech


Al-Azri, Khalid State, identity & Religion in Oman Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies    
Al-Dawsari, Nadwa Tribes and Identities in Yemen PartnersYemen, Sanaa Abstract  
Al-Hamarneh, Ala Redefining and Reconstructing Emirati Identity in Globalized University Campuses University of Mainz Abstract PNFP
Al-Hashimi, Hamied The Iraqi identity: Fragmentation or exploring sub identities National Centre for Social Research, Netherlands Abstract Paper
Al-Mezaini, Khalid Identity and Political Survival: the construction of national identity in the UAE University of Exeter    
Al-Shurafa, Nuha Identity and Political Survival: the construction of national identity in the UAE King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah   Paper
Al-Suwaidi, Faris Identity Animated: On the Contemporary Emirati Cartoon Harvard University Abstract  
Anand, Beryl The GCC States' Perceptions of Iran's Nuclear Programme Jawaharlal Nehru University Abstract  
Anas, Omair The GCC Media regime's Changing Profile Jawaharlal Nehru University Abstract  
Beaudevin, Claire How Do Genetic Knowledge and Biotechnologies Interact with Social and Political Institutions? The Example of Inherited Blood Disorders in Oman Universite Paul Cezanne d'Aix-Marseille   Paper
Bristol-Rhys, Jane Safe to worry about and safe to discuss: Identity issues in the UAE Zayed University, Abu Dhabi   Paper
Brown, Christopher Pimp my Ride: Car Culture and Identity in the UAE Zayed University, Abu Dhabi    
Carvajal, Fernando A Crisis in Leadership : the Politics of Transition in Yemen University of Exeter Abstract Paper
Chalcraft, John Migration and Popular Protest in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf in the 1950s and 1960s LSE Abstract Paper
Dahan, Laila Global migrations, global English and the transformation of identity in the UAE AUS Sharjah ANFP PNFP
Depetris, Nicolas Impact of climate change policy on fossil fuel investment and on the Gulf Economies Dubai School of Government    
Doski, Sidqi Diversity in Iraq - the case of the Kurds University of Dohuk Abstract  
El-Katiri, Laura The Distribution of Oil Wealth: Policy Lessons from Kuwait Oxford Institute for Energy Studies   PNFP
Errichiello, Gennaro Migration patterns and policies of the Arab Gulf States:Socio-cultural dynamics University of Exeter Abstract Paper
Fibiger, Thomas Histories and Modernities in Bahrain – challenging ethno-sectarian cosmologies University of Aarhus Abstract  
Foley, Sean If you want a future baby, why don't you get a past? Men, Women, and Twenty-First Century Gulf Society Middle Tennessee State University   Paper
Gleissner, Xenia Local for Locals or Go Global: How media producers in the UAE navigate the public and micro spheres to express their Emirati identity Centre for Gulf Studies, University of Exeter Abstract  
Gonzalez, Alessandra Aisha and the King': Practically Assessing the Value of Islamic Feminism in Yemen and Other Developing Contexts Baylor University Abstract PNFP
Gulrez, Mohammad Yemeni unity and identity construction in Southern Yemen Aligarh University (India) Abstract Paper
Harris, Kevan The Ubiquity and Uselessness of the Rentier Concept in Iran Johns Hopkins University   Paper
Hill, Ginny Yemen Chatham House    
Horinuki, Koji The Dynamics of Human Flow, Control, and Problems in the UAE: The Relationship between Labour-Sending and Receiving Countries Kyoto University Abstract Paper
Hosoda, Naomi Border Control and Filipino Expatriates Pursing ‘Dubai Dream’ Kyoto University ANFP PNFP
Hvidt, Martin The GCC states: Are they moving beyond rentierism? University of Southern Denmark Abstract Paper
Ishii, Masako How the Experiences of Domestic Workers in the Gulf States Change Their Identities?A Case of Muslim Women from the Philippines Osaka University   Paper
Jawad, Rana Beyond the Rentier State: Toward a New Ethic Welfare in the Middle East SSPSSR, University of Kent Abstract Paper & Table
Karagueuzian, Charlotte, Sami Aoun & Olivier Arvisais Youth identity in rentier States: the case of Saudi Arabia EHESS, Paris / UQAM Abstract  
Kinninmont, Jane Framing the Family Law: Gender and other identies in Bahrain Economist Intelligence Unit   Paper
Lahn, Glada From Highest Footprint to Green Leadership? Chatham House Abstract  
Lori, Noora Tracking Transient Flows: The Political Management of Expatriates and the Growth of the Surveillance and Security Apparatus in the UAE since the 1990s Dubai School of Government ANFP PNFP
Luomi, Mari Climate or Oil Politics? Explaining Arab states' climate policies Finnish Institute of International Afffairs Abstract Paper
Moghadam, Amin New identity roles for new development programmes in the Gulf: the case of Qishm Gremmo Laboratory, Lyon 2 University Abstract  
Naboodah, Hasan The Significance of Heritage Preservation in the UAE Society UAE University    
Norris, Nanettte Who is Iranian? The Relationship between Islam and Polity Royal Military College Saint-Jean Abstract Paper
Okruhlik, Gwenn In the Shadows of Citizenship: Foreign Labor in the Arab Gulf Trinity University Abstract Paper
Penziner, Victoria Heritage Construction in the UAE: The Case of Pearling     Paper
Phillips, Sarah The Forest for the Trees: al-Qa'ida and Stabilisation in Yemen. Center for International Security Studies, Sydney University Abstract Paper
Rieger, Rene The GCC: from necessity to convenience CGS, University of Exeter   Paper
Roberts, David Qatar’s new role: US-Iran intermediary? University of Durham Abstract Paper
Rosales, Ivan Reinventing Pearling in Bahrain Fulbright Scholar, Bahrain ANFP PNFP
Scharfenort, Nadine Local Society in Transition? – Debating citizenship and national identity in the UAE Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz Abstract Paper
Selvik, Kjetil The Changing Press Scene in Kuwait University of Oslo Abstract Paper
Shabibi, Maryam Word Order Variation in Khuzestani Arabic Shahid Chamran University of Ahwaz, Iran Abstract Paper
Siddiqui, Rushda Changing Socio-Political Mores in the changing regional and global dynamics Indian Council of World Affairs Abstract  
Spiess, Andy Social Cohesion, Human Agency & Development in the UAE University of Hamburg   Paper
Stenslie, Stig Power behind the veil Norwegian Defence Staff   Paper
Tetreault, Mary-Ann Transplant Universities in the Gulf The American University of Kuwait   Paper
Thiollet, Helene Discussant Oxford University    
Sümer, Izzettin An Analysis of Ethnic and Religious Identity-Based Foreign Policy in the Gulf: the Case of Iran’s and Turkey’s Policies towards Iraq Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University    
Watanabe, Akiko The Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars as a Way of Protecting Prospective Overseas Filipino Workers Toyo University   Paper
Wright, Stephen Strategic Pillars, Capacity Building and Change in Qatari Foreign Relations Qatar University Abstract  
Yamada, Makio The role of East Asia in emerging post-rentierism in Saudi Arabia St Antony's College, Oxford Abstract Paper