2012 Gulf Studies Conference, 16–20 July

An interdisciplinary conference on the Gulf region (Arabia, Iran, Iraq), past and present.

Please note: This conference follows three days after the 2012 Gulf Research Meeting in Cambridge (11-14 July).  The Gulf Research Meeting is run separately from the Gulf conference.

Key dates

January 20, 2012 Last day to submit your paper or panel proposal.
February 26, 2012 Notification of successful proposals
July 1, 2012 Last day to submit your full paper if you would like it to be available to the conference delegates. Note: Your paper should be in Word format, 1.5-spaced, 12-point, with your name, affiliation, and email address underneath your paper’s title. Please include footnotes and a bibliography
Friday July 6, 2012 Last day to register for the Gulf conference.
July 11-14, 2012 2012 Gulf Research Meeting in Cambridge (Wednesday - Saturday)
July 16-20, 2012 2012 Gulf Studies Conference at Exeter
(Monday night - Friday)

How to register

Please register for the conference by July 6th.


For booking fees and to register online click here.


To book a table at the Publishers' exhibition (which includes conference registration fee for one named representative to attend the conference) or to add an insert to the Conference pack please contact Chee Wong.

If you are unable to register online or have any questions please contact Chee Wong.

Getting here

How to get to Exeter and preliminary information.


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