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Last namePaperAffiliationCountryAbstractPaper
Adelung Stuck in an Impasse? The Politics of Economic Diversification in Kuwait Durham University UK download  
Al Bedwawi Buraimi Dispute: Role of Shaikh Zayed 1952-1955 Military Museum and History Centre UAE download  
Al-Ali Archaeological Sites in Wadi Al-Ghayran of the Rub’ Al Khali Desert:   Spatial Analysis as a Critical Tool for Research, Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Planning in Saudi Arabia Independent researcher Saudi Arabia download download
Alekry The Prospect of Reform in The GCC Countries in The Arab spring Process National Center for Studies Bahrain download  
Alhabib The Ajam Migration from Southwestern Iran to Kuwait: Push-Pull Factors between 1880 and 1938 Royal Holloway, University of London UK download  
Al-Hamarneh “The Saudi Darwinism”: A Geopolitical Strategy of Regime’s Stability? University of Mainz Germany download  
Al-Mahrooqi Communication Skills and Employability in the Arabian Gulf: The Case of Oman Sultan Qaboos University Oman download  
Alqahtani The Bedouins and the Creation of New Towns in the Eastern Gulf in the Days of Ibn Saud King Khalid University Saudi Arabia download  
Alraouf The Paradox of Urban Conservation in the Gulf: A Tale of Two Traditional Souqs Qatar University Qatar download  
Al-Sulbi Planning for and Management of Sustainable Tourism within Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs) in Saudi Arabia University of Dammam Saudi Arabia download  
Assaf Anthropology of the Emirati City: Youth and Public Space in Abu Dhabi Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense France download  
Bätzner Towards a Long-Term Tourism Paradigm for the Gulf University of St. Gallen Switzerland download  
DeVriese Social Media and the Reconfiguration of Public Discourse on Women’s Rights in the Arab Gulf Hamline University USA download  
Ennis Rentier 2.0? Entrepreneurship as a Policy Response to Gulf Development Challenges University of Waterloo Canada download  
Erskine-Loftus The Museum-Cultural Heritage Relationship in the GCC: The Effects of the Use of Western-Style Museum Theory and Practice on Local Visitorship and Tourism Independent researcher, New York USA download  
Fakhro Security Sector Reform in the Gulf States since 2011 International Institute for Strategic Studies – Middle East Bahrain download  
Farquhar ‘Our  Stock  in Trade that Has Been Returned to Us’: Transnational Circuits and the Forging of the Islamic University of Medina” LSE UK download  
Fathollah-Nejad A Conference for Security and Cooperation in the Middle East: Chances and Challenges in the Wake of the “Arab Spring” SOAS & University of Münster UK & Germany download  
Fletcher Between the Devil of the Desert and the Deep Blue Sea: British Imperialism and the Orientation of Kuwait, 1920-1940 University of Oxford UK    
Foley Re-Orientalizing the Gulf: The Arab Spring and the GCC’s New Strategic Partnership With Southeast Asia Middle Tennessee State University USA download  
Fusari On Media and the Image: The GCC States as a Case Study Massimedia Consulting Italy download  
Ghaffar Rentier State Theory: State Building and Socioeconomic Perspectives in the Arabian Gulf Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies Bahrain download  
Gray Critiquing the ‘Dubai Model’: Its scope and limits in the study of the political economy of Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Bahrain The Australian National University Australia download download
Harkness Salaam Dunk: A Comparative Ethnography of Female Athletes in Two Middle-Eastern Countries Northwestern University in Qatar Qatar download  
Heard-Bey Art in the UAE ADACH UAE    
Hendi Labour Nationalization Policies in the UAE and the Unemployment Conundrum Imperial College, London & Mubadala, Abu Dhabi UK & UAE download  
Hertog A Citizens’ Income as Alternative Distribution Regime for GCC Rentier Systems LSE UK download  
Hightower Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah: Conflicting Pasts in a Coordinated Present North Georgia College and State University USA download  
Husain Boycotting of Businesses in Bahrain Along Sectarian Lines Freelance researcher and columnist Bahrain download  
Ilias Off-Campus Orientalism: New Generation Western Universities in the Gulf Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi India download  
Jozwiak Development and Architecture in the Gulf: Three Case Studies Trinity University USA download  
Karolak Tourism in Bahrain: A Continuous Search for Economic Development and for Preservation of Cultural Heritage Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Saudi Arabia download download
Keage Tourism on a Plate: Marketing Responsible Geotourism in the Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Tourism Oman download  
Kelly Public Art in the Gulf American University of Kuwait Kuwait download download
Kendall Place Making and Tourism Development in the Gulf Region: Sustainable Models for Learning, Reflection and Growth Goldsmiths, University of London UK download  
Kindelberger “Looking for the Lost Pearl”: A Geopolitical Analysis of the Bahraini Crises University of Marburg Germany download  
Krane The Politics of Energy Policy in the Gulf Arab States: Shortage and Reform in the World’s Storehouse of Energy University of Cambridge UK download  
Krüger The Domestic Gasoline Pricing Game in Kuwait University of Oslo  Norway    
Lambert & Sato Arabian Politics around Water: A History of Abu Dhabi’s Qasr al-Hosn University of Oxford & Waseda University, Tokyo UK & Japan download  
Luomi Gulf Monarchies and Multilateral Institutions in the Climate Change Era Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service in Qatar Qatar download  
Madichie Sustainability Questions on GCC Investments in Sports:
A Critical Assessment of UAE and Qatari Football
University of Sharjah UAE download  
Maleki Future of Energy Policy in Persian Gulf MIT USA download  
Martín Political Culture and Political Reform in the United Arab Emirates University of Exeter & Universidad Autónoma de Madrid UK & Spain download  
Mattar State and Sectarianism in Bahrain University of Exeter UK download  
Mohamed The Role of Political Islam on Public Discourse and Political Activity in the GCC Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies Bahrain download  
Mortada Role of Women in the Traditional Architecture of Saudi Arabia and Sustainable Cultural Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges King Abdul Aziz University Saudi Arabia download  
Mullin Re-Thinking GCC–US Relations: An Analysis of Policies, Discourses and Practices in Light of the “Arab Revolutions” SOAS, University of London UK download  
Rieger Religion, Ideology, and Strategic Calculation: The Arab Gulf Monarchies and the Arab-Israeli Conflict University of Exeter & Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich UK & Germany download  
Scharfenort “Live our Heritage!” Culture, Identity, and the Heritage Industry in the UAE Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz Germany download  
Spiess & Al-Bassam  Hidden Treasures: The Potential of Geotourism in Saudi Arabia GCC Network forDrylands Research & Development, & King Saud University  Germany & Saudi Arabia download  
Tetreault & Al-Ghanim Transitions IN Authoritarianism: Political Reform in the Arab Gulf States Reconsidered Trinity University & Georgetown University USA download  
Ticku Growing Pains: (Un)mapping Geographies and Genealogies of Diaspora in Dubai, UAE York University Canada download  
Vatandoust The IRI’s Domestic and Regional Policies and Its Impact on the Arab States of the Persian Gulf since June 2009 American University of Kuwait Kuwait download  
Von Richthofen The Impact of “Integrated Tourism Projects” on the Urban Development of Oman German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech) Oman download  
Yamada Updating Gulf-Asia Relations, 2011-12 University of Oxford UK download  
Yunis Come and Watch Us, Maybe:  Film Tourism in the UAE Zayed University, Abu Dhabi UAE download  
Zaccara The Iranian Foreign Policy towards the GCC under Ahmadinejad Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona & University of Exeter Spain & UK download  
Zweiri The Gulf Region and the Arab Spring: The Iranian Factor Qatar University Qatar download