Visiting speakers

Dr. Gabriele vom BRUCK (SOAS): 25 November 2015
Genealogy of Violence in Yemen since 2011

Sponsored by the Centre for Gulf Studies

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Past speakers

Dr. Laurent Bonnefoy: 22 January 2014
The Yemeni Revolution and the Salafis

Dr. Laurent Bonnefoy is Research Fellow at CERI/SciencesPo in Paris. Find out more.

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Dr. Allen Fromherz: 20 November 2013

Qatar and Modernity in the Gulf: Between Internal Dynamics and International Image

Allen Fromherz is Associate Professor at Georgia State University, Atlanta. Find out more.


Dr. Toby Matthiesen: 6 November 2013

The Gulf States and the Arab Uprisings: Counter-Revolution and Sectarianism

Toby Matthiesen is Research Fellow in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge. Find out more.


Dr Laurence Louër: 6 February 2013

Revolutions and Elite Factionalism in Egypt and Bahrain 

Laurence Louër is Research Fellow at CERI/SciencesPo in Paris. Find out more.


Dr Lucy Blue: 5 December 2012

Maritime Cultural Heritage - Is it important? A perspective from the Gulf

Dr Lucy Blue is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the Centre for Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southampton. Find out more.


Prof. F. Gregory Gause III: 7 March 2012

Why Middle East Studies Missed the Arab Spring

F. Gregory Gause is Professor of Political Science at the University of Vermont and, since 2010, chair of the department of Political Science. Find out more.