Remembering the Past in Iranian Societies. New book by Christine Allison and Philip G. Kreyenbroek.

Remembering the Past in Iranian Societies contains articles by leading students of memory in Iranian societies today, and represents a range of different approaches to the study of memory in these societies, both ancient and modern.

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Past Events

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  • The Centre organised a conference by Chris Kutschera to coincide with the second international conference on Kurdish Studies. The exhibition, “A photographic journey through Kurdish history”, presented key events and personalities of Kurdish history through the eye of this photographer who has covered Kurdistan with her husband, a journalist, for 40 years. It was a very emotional moment to hear the reporters remembering their first trip to Kurdistan and their many stories. Find out more.

Visiting Speakers series

Since its foundation, the Centre has organised, in collaboration with the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, a Visiting Speakers Series. Find out more.