Village in the West Bank

About the Centre

The European Centre for Palestine Studies (ECPS) aims to function as a hub for intellectual engagement with the Palestine question, facilitating scholarly research, helping to refine public discussion, and offering programmes for postgraduate study. Based at the University of Exeter’s Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies and situated within its College of Social Sciences and International Studies, the Centre is well placed to draw on expert faculty from both the IAIS and the Department of Politics and to strengthen Exeter’s longstanding status as a leading centre for scholarly engagement with the Palestine question.

The question of Palestine occupies a central place in the politics and contemporary history of the Middle East. Globally, it has long galvanised the attention of people concerned with struggles for independence, democracy, and social justice; in Europe in particular, it has often preoccupied policymakers and in one way or another dominated efforts to coordinate European foreign policy. It is therefore remarkable that the ECPS was established in 2009 as the first university-linked Palestine studies centre in the Western world.  It is one of only two such centres in Europe and seeks to cooperate with partners worldwide to encourage a new generation of scholars to examine academically issues that have been treated so far only politically and publicly.

Further information concerning the ECPS and current programme offerings can be found within these pages or contact the Centre.