Our research

 ‘EU policy towards Palestine: Reassessment of the Two State Solution.’

In cooperation with Dr. Ghassan Khatib, Birzeit University, this project will offer a reassessment of Europe, and in particular Britain’s, role in the conflict from the SC perspective as part of a research into the failure of the EU policy towards the Israel/Palestine question. It will further examine possible ways forwards through a critical analysis of the EU neo-liberal economic approach to the peace process through programs such as ‘people to people’ and ‘good governance’. 

Gender and Settler Colonialism: Women's Oral Histories in the Naqab

The project “Gender and Settler Colonialism: Women’s Oral Histories in the Naqab”contributes to the AHRC’s highlight notice “Care for the Future: Thinking Forward through the Past”, and, specifically, to its thematic focus on “global trauma/conflict and transitions to new futures.” By collecting, analysing and preserving the oral histories of Naqab Bedouin women in Israel, who have been subjected to discriminatory settler-colonial policies by the Israeli state for more than 60 years now, the project hopes to strengthen this indigenous community’s historical and cultural consciousness, and thus their struggle for a just future. 

Palestinian Refugees' Strategies of Conflict Resolution: Reconciling Citizenship Rights and Return

A joint project with Dr. Ruba Salih (SOAS). It is funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation ‘s Special Programme on "Security, Society, and the State."

The project investigates how Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon reconcile citizenship strategies with their right to return. By counteracting their classic image as marginal subjects, Palestinian refugees are important conflict resolution actors: they are protagonists of new forms of political mobilisation, and catalysts of innovative non-territorial conceptualisations of citizenship and the nation-state.

Towards a Common Archive / Video Testimonies by Zionist Fighters in 1948

In Tel-Aviv, the ECPS together with a local NGO Zochrot organised an exhbition and interactive archive under a project initiated by the ECPS under the name The Common Archive. A pilot project of this archive was funded by the AHRC.  ECPS is now preparing a grant for a major project on this subject.   Exhibition Page.


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