Al-Khamis Mosque, Bahrain (12th-13th centuries CE)

The Middle East Humanities research cluster


The Middle East Humanities research cluster brings together students and staff from a range of disciplines, including those who deploy literary, anthropological, historical, sociological and archaeological approaches to the study of the Middle East. It coordinates regular seminars on themes such as capital and consumption in the Middle East, theory workshops on areas such as linguistic analysis and queer theory, as well as providing careers development for emerging scholars. The cluster also acts as a hub for collective research projects and grant applications.


Dr William Gallois, Dr James Onley  (Cluster Leads)  Dr Michael Axworthy, Dr Sophie Richter-Devroe, Prof Christine Allison, Dr Marc Valeri, Dr Clémence Scalbert-YücelProf Ilan Pappé, Dr John Cooper, Prof Dionisius Agius, Dr Christina Phillips



8-9 June 2015 Researching the Middle East: Fieldwork, Archives, Issues, and Ethics Conference

Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, Exeter University

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Research Titles with Supervisors

Current / Previous Research Title First Supervisor
A one-state solution for Palestine. Prof Ilan Pappé
Historical development of the judiciary in Oman under Al Said rule: Critical Analysis. Dr Marc Valeri
The UAE-Iran Islands Dispute: Beyond the impasse. Dr James Onley
The image of the Other: Representation of West-East Encounters Arabic and English Language Novels 1991-2007. Prof Sajjad Rizvi
Occupation and resistance as discourse Prof Ilan Pappé
The constitutional development in Kuwait between 1938 and 1967:  the political participation as a model. Dr Marc Valeri
Conditional statement between Arabic and English - an applied analytical and comparative study. Prof Dionisius Agius.
Modern Arabic literature in contemporary orientalism. Prof Ian Netton
Identity discourse in Kurdish contemporary poetry. Dr Clémence Scalbert-Yücel
Islamist Movements in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and the Influence of Anglo-American Politics,1950-2008. Dr James Onley
Shaikh Abdullah al-Salim as-Sabah, Ruler of Kuwait, 1950-1965 Dr James Onley
Arabic linguistic (semantic). Prof Dionisius Agius.
English Translations of Modern Egyptian Fiction Dr Christina Phillips
Infidelity in translating political texts. Dr John Cooper
The transformation of Hamas 2003-2006:  Political Islam perspective. Prof Ilan Pappé
EU Foreign policy to Israel in the context of EU - Middle East Relations. Prof Ilan Pappé
Kurdish ethno-nationalist identity in Turkey's south-east. Dr Clémence Scalbert-Yücel
Traditional healers in Diyarbakir. Prof Christine Allison
Mitirb musicians and their Kurdish patrons:  An ethnographic investigation of Romani musicians in Kurdish communities. Prof Christine Allison
Constucting Political Subjects in Upper Yemen. Dr James Onley
Identity, Security and Labour Migration: A Case Study of Israel and Bahrain Dr Marc Valeri
Emergence of nationalism due to dissolution of Ottoman Empire - in context of Kurdish question. Prof Christine Allison
The Arabic Language:  Reality and Learning. Dr John Cooper
Canadian interaction with Israel/Palestine as a case study. Prof Ilan Pappé
The emergence of modern Kurdish poetry. Prof Christine Allison
Psychoanalytic reading of Kurdish novels. Dr Clémence Scalbert-Yücel
A Social History of Palestinian Communities in East Jerusalem since 1967 Prof Ilan Pappé
Literary genres overlapping in the kurdish short story after 1991. Prof Christine Allison
Verbal adposition parameters in Persian and Kurdish language within the framework of typological theory. Sheyholislami, Jaffer
Is Maltese a descendant of Siculo Arabic?  A comparative analysis based on the treatise by Ibn Makki al-Siqilli:  Tatqif allisan wa Talqih al-Janan. Prof Dionisius Agius
How did the Galilean village of Tarshiha resist ethnic cleansing during the Nakba? Prof Ilan Pappé
The construction of a Zaza indentity in Bingol (Cewlik), Turkey, 1923-2010. Prof Christine Allison
Kurdish Women in Eastern Kurdistan (Iran). Prof Christine Allison
A comparison between the poetries of (Goran) "the Kurdish poet" and (T.S.Elliot) " the English poet". Prof Christine Allison
Shaping Diyarbakir through words.  Representation and narrations of the city in Kurdish and Turkish literature during the twentieth century. Dr Clémence Scalbert-Yücel
The shifts in the domestic Lebanese political system since the assassination of PM Rafiq Hariri in 2005. Prof Ilan Pappé
Statelessness and mobilisation of Kurds during the Syrian Revolution. Dr Clémence Scalbert-Yücel
Distinction of the semantic structure in poetry rhythm. Prof Christine Allison
'Performing History in Badînan: Stranbêjî and the Politics of Remembering in Contemporary Iraqi Kurdistan.' Prof Christine Allison
The impact of political perspectives on the technical structure of the Kurdish novel (1995-2005). Prof Christine Allison
Turkish policy and the GAD project. Dr Clémence Scalbert-Yücel
Arab-Byzantine struggle in the sea-Naval tactics (7th-11th centuries AD) Prof Dionisius Agius.
Kurdish Theatre : The evolution of theatre in Kurdistan. Prof Christine Allison
Demographic change in Palestine during the British Mandate due to (Zionist) land purchase. Prof Ilan Pappé
Britain's role in the security of the Gulf states beyond withdrawal: 1968-1979. Dr James Onley
Traditional cuisine together with modern cuisine focusing on the cultural change in contemporary United Arab Emirates looking at different groups of the community Prof Dionisius Agius
Electocratic rule in the GCC, the case of the UAE. Dr Marc Valeri
Conflict, Trauma and Spirituality: the Impact of the Israeli Occupation on the Spirituality of Palestinians in East Jerusalem - an Anthropological Perspective Prof Mick Dumper
Islamic Maritime traditions of Red Sea and Gulf Prof Dionisius Agius
British role in the early cold war period and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Dr James Onley
Turkish state ideology and Kurdish transnationalism. Dr Clémence Scalbert-Yücel
The Political Activism of Kurdish Women in Turkey Dr Clémence Scalbert-Yücel
Being the other's others : Contesting the boundaries of Kurdish dissidence. Dr Clémence Scalbert-Yücel
Class and nation in the early Egyptian novel. Dr Christina Phillips
Organizational formations and political discourses among young adult Palestinian citizens of Israel in relation to the hegemonic identity imposed by the state. Prof Ilan Pappé
The Shabak of Nineveh. Prof Christine Allison
An analysis of the Gendered Dimensions of the Politics of Popular Culture in Contemporary Palestine Dr Sophie Richter-Devroe
US-Arab relations in the remaking of the Middle East. Prof Ilan Pappé