Research in Times of Change and Uncertainty: Europe, the Middle East, and Beyond

A two-day event sponsored by the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies and the Politics Department at the University of Exeter 

23-24 May 2016

The current political events are fostering new paradigms for the study of emerging challenges on both sides of the Mediterranean. Borders and domestic politics no longer pose limits for the interconnected world we live in. The Syrian crisis spilled over in its neighbouring states, and waves of refugees escaping the violence and seeking asylum in Europe are testing host countries and the European project itself. At the same time, non-state actors, such as Daesh, are well positioned to confront the perceived and long-established paradigm of security in Europe since the end of the II World War.

The Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies and the Politics Department of the University of Exeter will be holding a conference to address this current state of uncertainty in Europe, the Middle East and world, and to understand how we, as researchers, should conduct our work within these complex dynamics.

The conference is open to all researchers working in the humanities and social sciences, including, but not limited to:
•    Anthropology
•    Archaeology
•    European Studies
•    Gender studies
•    History
•    International relations
•    Islamic and religious studies
•    Language and Literature
•    Law
•    Migration studies
•    Political economy
•    Political science
•    Political theory
•    Public policy
•    Security and Strategic Studies
•    Sociology

Those interested in presenting a paper at the event are required to submit a 200-300 word abstract and a short biography (through the provided application form) by 11 April 2016 to

IAIS PGR Conference 2016 - Call for Papers

IAIS PGR Conference 2016 Application Form