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Photo of Dr Samer Bakkour

Dr Samer Bakkour

Lecturer in ME Studies and Politics

Research interests

Key themes and perspectives in International Relations have been developed through my presentations in a series of international workshops and seminars, so my themes concentrates on the Middle Eastern Studies (Syrian issues, the Arab Gulf,  and International Relations>.

In building upon my empirical and theoretical academic background and expertise, my previous and current research draw upon techniques of historical and political analysis. Moreover, I have endeavoured to get many training courses in this such as emergence of ME part I II, Syrian Civil War course, Arab Spring causes and outcomes, and Islam, the Middle East, and the west.


I work in the Centre of Kurdish Studies a research with Prof. Gareth Stansfield in the Middle Eastern Studies, with specific topic about Syria, Kurd and the international relations

I am involved with the University of Cambridge as a Consultant in updating, correcting, supervising most of the primary and high schools courses in the Middle East.

I planned and delivered lectures and tutorials in the department of Politics in the College of Social Sciences and international Studies in the University of Exeter. I also conduct workshops to second year and first year students in the department and supervise their presentation and assignments. I am also involved in the assessment of students’ written assignments. I involved in three modules: politics of economics, politics of the world’s economics and I am currently involved in module of the politics and economics in the Middle East. I have published many article in peer review journal and some of them in the pipeline

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