Photo of Ms Jane Clark

Ms Jane Clark


Extension: 4040

Telephone: 01392 724040

Research and Finance (IAIS)

As the senior administrator of IAIS I provide managerial support to the Director of Research on strategy and policy matters and am responsible for the financial management of the Institute. I also support postgraduate students within the Institute and have general responsibility for the building itself.

I manage The Street Gallery in IAIS, which holds several exhibitions each year with a theme related to the Arab world or Islam:

My work experience includes several years at the University of Sydney. Following an exchange with the University of Sheffield, I returned permanently to England and have been with the Institute since 2003. I have travelled to many Arab countries including Morocco, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. In 2008 I did a ‘mini Year Abroad’, spending 6 weeks in Damascus studying Arabic and travelling extensively throughout Syria.