Photo of Professor Timothy Insoll

Professor Timothy Insoll

Research Supervision

 Tim Insoll welcomes applications from research students. Please contact him to discuss the viability of your proposal. He is interested in supervising all topics within Islamic archaeology and later (Iron Age) African archaeology. Within these broad geographical and chronological boundaries, he is particularly interested in:

• The archaeology of Islamisation.
• The representation of Islamic archaeology and material culture in museums.
• The archaeology of medicine and healing, indigenous religions, and shrines and sacrifice in sub-Saharan Africa.
• The Islamic archaeology of Bahrain, the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabian Gulf, and sub-Saharan Africa.
• The ethnoarchaeology of African ritual practices.
• The analysis of African and Islamic archaeological materials (e.g. XRF and SEM of ceramics, scanning and DNA analysis of figurines, sourcing of stone bead materials).

He is or has supervised PhD research on a wide range of subjects including:

• The ceramics of Koma Land, northern Ghana.
• The later historical archaeology of the East African coast.
• Ceramics as indicators of Islamisation in eastern Ethiopia.
• The materiality and archaeological implications of Muslim and indigenous medicinal practice in Accra, Ghana.
• Chemical analyses of archaeological glass from Bahrain and carnelian from western India.
• Mosque architecture and use in Iran.
• Violence in the prehistoric Near East.
• The representation of Islam in British museums.
• Funj identity and history in the Sudan.
• Cultural heritage management in the Tong Hills, northern Ghana.
War on the Nubian frontier of Ancient Egypt.