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Emeritus Professor Tim Niblock


Shortened Curriculum Vitae: Professor Timothy C Niblock

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Born: Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1942

Nationality: British


i Leighton Park School, Reading, 1956-61

ii University of Oxford (New College), 1962-65

B.A. in Politics, Philosophy and Economics

'Good' Second

iii College d'Europe, Bruges, 1965-66

Certificat des Hautes Etudes Europeenes

iv University of Sussex, 1966-69

D.Phil. in International Relations

Thesis topic: 'Aid and Foreign Policy in Tanzania'


i Teacher, St Norbert's School, Carshalton, 1961-62

ii Lecturer in Politics, University of Reading, 1969-78

(Seconded to the University of Khartoum, 1969-77)

iii Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University of Khartoum, 1969-76

iv Associate Professor in Politics, University of Khartoum, 1976-77

v Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the Centre for Arab Gulf Studies, University of Exeter, 1978-82

vi Lecturer in Politics and Director M.A. Programme in Middle East Politics, University of Exeter, 1982-1986

vii Senior Lecturer in Middle East Politics and Director, Middle East Politics Programme, 1986-89 and 1991-92 Joint Director, Research Unit for the International Study of Economic Liberalisation and its Social and Political Effects, 1990-93 Director, Graduate School of Political and Administrative Studies, 1992-93, University of Exeter.

 viii Professor of Middle Eastern Studies, and Director of the Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, University of Durham, 1993-9 (Directorship to August 1998)

ix Professor of Arab Gulf Studies, 1999- , University of Exeter, and Director of the Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies, 1999-2005


In order of fluency after English: Arabic




Invited papers at international meetings (i.e. organised outside of the UK). Since 1986 only

i 'The State of the Art in British Middle Eastern Studies', at the conference of the International Association of Middle Eastern Studies, Calgary, 2.8.86

ii 'The Social Dynamics of Politics in the Gulf States', at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, Oslo, 11.9.86

iii 'New Directions in the Iran-Iraq War' at the University of Bergen, 12.9.86

iv 'Class and Power in the Arab World', at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, 16.9.87

v 'The Contemporary Dynamics of the Iran-Iraq War', at the Institute of Foreign Affairs, Beijing, 18.9.87

vi 'Stability in the Gulf: the Significance of Class Structure', at Beijing University, 22.6.87

vii 'Critical Aspects of Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics', Northwest University, Xi'an, 24.9.87

viii 'Alliances and Cleavages in the Middle East', at a conference on 'Norway, OPEC and the Middle East', Bergen, 9.10.87

ix 'Sudanese Identity and the Problem of National Integration' at a conference on Sudanese Studies at the University of Khartoum, 9.1.88

x 'The Analysis of Middle Eastern Societies', at the Soviet Academy of Sciences (Institute for Oriental Studies), Moscow, 21.7.88

xi Participant in workshop preparing 'Le Monde Arabe a l'Horizon 2000', UNESCO conference, Tunis, 11-14.9.88

xii 'The Nature of Community in the Middle East: a Case Study of Sudan', at the International Symposium of the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies, International University of Japan (held at the University of Durham), 3.8.89

xiii 'European Approaches to the Study of the Middle East' at the Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, 25.9.89

xiv 'The Nature of the State in the Arab World', at the Karl Marx University, Leipzig, 6.11.89

xv 'Current Developments in the Middle East', at the Urania Foreign Affairs Society, Leipzig, 9.11.89

xvi 'Towards a Framework for Analysing Contemporary Arab Politics', at the Academy of Sciences of the German Democratic Republic, Berlin, 13.11.89

xvii 'Economic Liberalisation in the Arab World: its Social and Political Significance', at the BRISMES/AFEMAM conference, Paris, 9.7.90

xviii 'Problems of Research Training', at the BRISMES/AFEMAM conference, Paris, 10.7.90

xix 'Britain and the Crisis in the Gulf', 5th anniversary lecture of the Institute for Middle Eastern Studies, International University of Japan, delivered in Tokyo, 2.11.90

xx 'Islamic Fundamentalism and the Military in Sudan', at Keio University, Tokyo, 27.11.90

xxi 'Can Universalistic Norms and Islamic Cultural Traditions be Reconciled' delivered in absentia at the conference on 'Islam and Human Rights', sponsored by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tehran, 10.9.91

xxii 'The Economic Impact of the Gulf War', at the University of Oslo, 6.11.91

xxiii 'European Community Policy in the Middle East', at the Middle East Institute, Washington, 22.11.91

xxiv 'Regional Security and Cooperation in the Middle East: the role the European Community', at the conference of the Middle East Association of North America, Washington, 24.11.91 

xxv 'Realms within which Integrated Communities can be fostered in the Middle East', meeting of the Trans-European Policy Studies Association, Brussels, 23.3.92

xxvi 'The Egyptian Experience in Regional Perspective: International Factors and Economic Liberalisation in the Arab World', at the conference on 'La Liberalisation de l'Economie Egyptienne et son Insertion dans le Marche Mondial', University of Cairo, 2.5.92

xxvii 'The Political Future of Iraq' at the Diplomatic Training Institute, Oman, 10.5.92

xxviii 'Assessing the Political Stability of Gulf States', at the Diplomatic Training Institute, Oman, 11.5.92

xxvix 'Evolving Security Policies in the Gulf', at the Diplomatic Training Institute, Oman, 12.5.92

xxx 'European Community Policy on the Middle East, in the Light of the Gulf War', at the conference on 'The Middle East Two Years after the Second Gulf War', Panteios University, Athens, 6.2.93

xxxi 'Islam and Ethnicity in Eastern Europe', (jointly with B. Szajkowski), given in absentia at the international conference on 'Muslim Minorities/Communities in Post-Bipolar Europe', St Cyril i Metodij University, Skopje, 21.4.93

xxxii 'Political Reform and Conditionality in EC - Arab World Relations', at the conference on 'EC - Arab World Relations', Castelgondolfo, 16.6.93

xxxiii 'Human Rights Issues in EC Policy towards the Middle East', at the conference of the European Association for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Warwick, 9.7.93

xxxiv 'The Politics and International Relations of the Middle East: an Outline of the Dynamics', at the National Chengchi University, Taiwan, 5.1.94

xxxv 'Security Problems and the Future of Gulf Cooperation', at the Diplomatic Training Institute, Oman, 16.4.95

xxxvi 'Security and Stability in the Mediterranean', at Nasser University, Libya, 14.12.95

xxxvii 'Britain and the Study of the Middle East', at Sana'a University, Yemen, 10.12.96

xxxviii 'The European Union and the Middle East', at the Middle East Studies Centre, Amman, 15.5.97

xxxix 'Arab Regional Integration and the Outside World', at the Iraqi Academy, Baghdad, 25.11.97

xl 'Problems of Democratisation in the Arab World', at Garyounis University (Libya), 18.12.97

xli 'European Union Policy towards the Arab World', at University of Jordan, 3.4.98

xlii 'The State and Economic Liberalisation : Comparing the Middle East with East Asia', at Saratov University (Russia), 9.9.98

xliii 'Libyan Foreign Policy: a British Perspective', at the Academy for Graduate Studies and Economic Research, Tripoli (Libya), 22.1.00

xliv 'UN Sanctions and the International System', at the al-Hikmah Research Centre, Baghdad, 25.3.00

xlv 'The Politics of UN Sanctions: the Cases of Iraq, Libya and Sudan', at the International Association of Middle East Studies conference, Free University Berlin, 7.10.00

xlvi 'A Critique of British Policy on the Gulf Crisis since 1991', at the conference of the Ibn Rushd Research Centre, Abu Dhabi, 21.1.01

xlvii 'The Impact of UN Sanctions', at the United Nations Association, Khartoum, 19.2.01

xlviii 'British-Sudanese relations, 1989-2001: Between the United States and the European Union', at the conference on 'Sudanese-British Relations', University of Khartoum, 22.2.01

xlvix 'Libyan-British Relations, 1951-2001: Between Cooperation and Conflict', at the conference on 'Britain and North Africa', Temimi Centre, Tunisia, 23.3.01

l 'Social Dimensions of the Free Market and Programmes of Economic Liberalisation', at the University of Damascus, 7.4.01

li 'Current Developments in the British Higher Education Sector', at the University of Damascus, 8.4.01

lii 'The Embargo, the New World Order and the Issue of Human Rights', at the conference on 'Embargo and Human Rights in Iraq', Beit al-Hikmah, Baghdad, 9.5.01

liii 'Libyan 'British Relations: the Record and the Prospects', at the conference on Libyan-British Relations held in Malta under the auspices of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Sliema, 25.5.01

liv 'Reform and Change in British Universities', at the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education, Rabat, 23.9.01

lv 'The Political Future of Iraq', at Al-Akhawayn University, Morocco, 25.9.01

lvi 'Sanctions and International Law', at Al-Akhawayn University, Morocco, 27.9.01

lvii 'Globalisation Trends', at the conference on 'Governing Stability Across the Mediterranean', Istituto Affari Internazionale, Rome, 22.3.02

lviii 'The Evolution of Western Understanding of Islam', at the East and West Seminar 'Towards a Better Understanding', Kuwait, 12.5.02

lix 'Muslims in Britain: Communal Identities and the British State', Imam Ouzai College of Islamic Studies, Beirut, 28.5.02

lx 'Problem Areas in the Middle East', at the Franco-British Council, 3.7.02

lxi 'The Impact of September 11 on the Middle East', at the World Conference of Middle Eastern Studies, Mainz, 11.9.02

lxii 'What Went Wrong' A Critique of the EU's CFSP Towards the Middle East', at the seminar on 'The EU and the Crisis in the Middle East' at the Institut d'Etudes de la Securite, Paris, 20.9.02

lxiii 'Political Stability in North Africa: in Europe's Best Interest', at the joint conference of the Royal United Services Institute (London) and the Academy of Graduate Studies (Tripoli), entitled 'The Euro-African Dialogue', held in Tripoli, 31.10.02

lxiv 'Where is the New World Order Heading' A View from the Underside', at the conference on 'Iraq and the Future of World Oil Supplies', held by the Centre for Global Energy Studies, London, 13.12.02

lxv 'International Relations Theory and the Issue of Globalisation', at the University of Khartoum, 5.1.03

lxvi 'Britain and the Security of the Gulf', at the Gulf Research Centre, Dubai, 8.1.03

lxvii 'Globalisation as Economic Phenomenon', at the international conference on 'Globalisation', held at the American University Sharjah, 27.1.03

lxviii 'International Law, the UN Security Council and the Case of Iraq', Academy of Graduate Studies, Benghazi, 14.4.03

lxix 'The EU and Democratisation: the Experience in the Middle East', at the conference on 'A New Arab Coalition for Dialogue and Peace', held at the Tres Culturas Fondation, Seville, 9.5.03

lxx 'Reconstruction and Economic Development in the Middle East in a Transaltlantic Perspective', at the conference on 'Tasks for Transatlantic Cooperation', held by the Istituto Affari Internazionale, Rome, 5.7.03.

lxxi 'Iraq and the Future of he Middle East', at the University of Monterrey, Mexico, 9.9.03

lxxii 'Iraq: Liberation or Occupation', at the University of Monterrey, Mexico, 11.9.03

lxxiii 'Islam, Democratic Transition and Regime Stability in the Mediterranean, at the conference on 'Diversity and Change in the International Order', held by the Institute of Strategic Studies, Lisbon, 22.11.03

lxxiv 'Assessing the Experience of the Iraq War', at the International Institute for Islamic Thought and Civilisation, Kuala Lumpur, 19.12.03.

lxxv 'The EU and the Persian Gulf after the War: Prospects for Change', at the conference on 'The Persian Gulf: Regional Developments', held at the Institute for Political and International Studies, Teheran, 18.2.04

lxxvi 'The Impact of the Iraq War on EU Policy in the Gulf Region', at the conference on 'Europe in a Changing World', held at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 25.5.04

lxxvii 'Present Problems and Future Prospects of a Developed Islamic State in the Contemporary World', at the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 6.8.04.

lxxviii 'Political Reforms, Public Participation and Social Change in the Southern Mediterranean', at the conference on 'The Future of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership', held by the European University Institute (Florence) in Siena, 5.11.04.

lxxix 'The Concept of Legitmacy', at the conference on 'The Social Sciences in the 21st Century: Shifting Boundaries and Paradigms', held at the American University Sharjah, 6.2.05.

lxxx 'The EU and Political Reform in the Gulf', in the 2005 Eurogolfe Forum, organised by the Institut des Sciences Politiques (Paris) in Menton, 18.6.05.

lxxxi 'Radical Islamism and the World Order: an Inevitable Confrontation', at the International Islamic University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 5.8.05.

lxxxii 'Britain, Islam and the Middle East', at the Prince of Songkla University, Pattani campus (Thailand), 17.8.05.

lxxxiii 'Containing Radical Islamism: the Roots of Conflict and the Scope of Compromise', at the Academica Sinica (Taipei), 25.8.05.

lxxxiv 'The Impact of the 2003 Gulf War on the Middle East', at the Institute of Diplomatic Studies (Riyadh), 12.11.05.

lxxxv 'Relations between the Arab World and the West, in the Light of the Gulf War', at King Abdel-Aziz University (Jeddah), 15.11.05.

lxxxvi 'The World Trade Organisation and Problems of the Global Economy', at the King Fahad University for Petroleum and Minerals (Dhahran), 20.11.05.

lxxxvii 'Western Policies in the Middle East and the Agenda of Democratisation', at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Bahrain Majlis al-Shura (Manama), 23.11.05

lxxxviii 'Political Reform and Stability in the Gulf Region', at the conference on 'EU-Gulf Relations: Enhancing Economic, Political and Security Cooperation', held by the Istituto Affari Internazionale (Rome), 26 11.05