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(a)    Books

i    Social and Economic Development in the Arab Gulf (ed.), (Croom Helm,
    London, 1980), 242pp.

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    2nd. edition 1995), 300pp.

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xxii    Asia-Gulf Economic Relations in the 21st Century: the Local to Global Transformation (ed), (Gerlach, Berlin, 2013), 370pp.

(b)    Non-Book Monographs

i    Dilemmas of Non-Oil Economic Development in the Arab Gulf, (Arab
    Research Centre, London, 1980), 40pp.

ii    Economic Liberalisation in the Arab World: its Social and Political
    Significance, (RUSEL, Exeter, 1991), 18pp.

(c)    Chapters in Books, Proceedings

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(d)    Journal Articles

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(e)    Review articles

i    'More Light on Sudan's Civil War', in African Today, vol.23, no.2,
    April-June 1976, pp.87-90

ii    'Sudan Today', in Gazelle Review of Literature on the Middle East,
    no.4, 1978, pp.119-124

(f)    Book reviews

    I have reviewed widely in such journals as International Affairs,   
    Journal of Development Studies, Gazelle Review, Third World
    Quarterly, Arab Gulf Journal etc., and have contributed articles to
    many newspapers, including The Guardian, The Financial Times, and the
    New Statesman.

(g)    Official reports

i    'Political and Economic Assessment of Sudan', report published by
    Oxford Analytica, 1982, 60pp.


i    'The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Dispute, 1896-1948, in Exeter
    Tapes, January 1980

ii    'The Development of the Arab-Israeli Dispute, 1948-67', in Exeter
    Tapes, March 1980