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Dr Julian Jansen Van Rensburg

Honorary Research Fellow

I received my doctorate in 2013 from the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter. My research was funded by and formed part of the MARES Project, a multi-disciplinary, multi-period project focusing on the maritime traditions of the peoples of the Red Sea and Arabian-Persian Gulf. My research utilised a cross-disciplinary methodological approach that integrated ethnographic data with historical, archaeological and environmental data providing temporal and spatial insight into the effect local, regional and global influences had on the traditions and technologies of the maritime communities on the island of Socotra, Yemen.

Research interests

My specialisms lie in underwater archaeology, maritime ethnography and the typology of traditional boats of the Near and Middle East.  I have participated in and managed projects in Iceland, Ukraine, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Kuwait and Oman. 

My research interests include island and coastal archaeology, Indian Ocean trade networks in Antiquity and the Islamic Period, rock art studies, GIS applications in archaeology, landscape archaeology and cultural heritage management.

More specifically, I am interested in:

• The role of island and coastal communities in our understanding of the transmission and development of cultural traditions, ideologies and technologies especially in relation to Indian Ocean trade during the Late Antique and Islamic periods.

• Utilising the remote sensing of satellite imagery and aerial photography for investigating archaeological landscapes, with an emphasis on agricultural and water management systems.

• Utilising rock art and rock art sites to investigate concepts of place and space within the landscape.

External impact and engagement


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