The Cornwall team


Name Role 
Dr Caroline Keenan

Director of Law and Business and Senior Lecturer

Mrs Kate Holtaway Senior Lecturer
Charlie Anderson Lecturer in Law
Dr Howard Davis Visiting Lecturer
Richard Edwards Senior Lecturer
Camilla Gee Visiting Lecturer
Dr Janet Keliher Visiting Lecturer
Ann Kneebone Visiting Lecturer

Dr Constantine Manolchev

Lecturer in Sustainable Futures at the University of Exeter Business School
Josh Martin Lecturer in Law

Dr David Monciardini

Senior Lecturer in Management at the University of Exeter Business School
Sarah Offord-Jones Visiting Lecturer
Dr Elif Ozsoy Lecturer

Dr Severine Saintier

Associate Professor

Dr Nathan Tamblyn

Associate Professor of the Common Law
Keleigh Burgess College Administrator
Alexandra Williams Graduate Project Assistant

We are very proud to be part of the staff team for the Law and Business degree programmes. We are absolutely committed to creating a diverse and thriving student community. We believe that this is achieved by providing a supportive learning environment, which nurtures talent through-out your time with us. 


Dr Caroline Keenan
Director of Law and Business. Director of Education