Details of past lectures are stored in our Hamlyn lectures archive.

John Laws

The Rt Hon Lord Justice Laws was the Hamlyn lecturer for 2013

The Hamlyn Lectures

Hamlyn Lectures are normally delivered in the autumn and the annual Hamlyn Seminar, which marks the publication of the lecture, is usually held in London in the following spring. Details of  past lectures are stored in our Hamlyn lectures archive.

Published annual volumes of the lectures can be found on the Cambridge University Press website.

The Hamlyn Lectures 2013

The Hamlyn Lectures 2013 were delivered by the Rt Hon Lord Justice Laws.

Sir John Laws has served in the Court of Appeal and Privy Council since 1999 and has been responsible for a large number of important cases including Thorburn v Sunderland City Council in which he recognised principles of the common law that collided with the notion of Parliamentary Sovereignty.  Sir John is also a constitutional jurist of note, having written several extra-judicial contributions that underline the importance of the rule of law and the courts in a democracy so that sovereignty is founded in the Constitution, not just Parliament.  

14 November: Lecture 1 - The Common Law and State Power

20 November: Lecture 2 – The Common Law and Extremism

27 November: Lecture 3 – The Common Law and Europe

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