Exploring how the current law on the ground for divorce and civil partnership dissolution operates in practice and to inform debate about whether and how the law might be reformed.

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Finding fault

A major study of the current grounds for divorce in England and Wales (funded by the Nuffield Foundation).

Project timeline

The project runs from October 2015 to September 2017. Results from the national attitude survey will be available in spring 2016 with an interim report from the producing the petition study in late 2016. A final report will be published in late summer 2017.

Project team

The project is led by Professor Liz Trinder (Exeter University). The research team includes Bryson Purdon Social ResearchOnePlusOne, Julia Pearce, Janet Reibstein and Mark Sefton. The team will be working closely with Resolution and Wikivorce for the producing a petition study.

The research is funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

More information can be found on the project website here.