Our academic staff have written, edited and collaborated on a wide range of publications, some of our books are shown here.

A listing of other recent publications here.

Full details of staff publications can be found in individual academic profiles.

<a href='' target='_blank'>Corporate Governance in Developing & Emerging Markets</a> (2017)<br />Edited by Franklin N. Ngwu, <a href=''>Onyeka K Osuji</a>, Frank H. Stephen <a href='' target='_blank'>Principles of Equity and Trusts</a> (2016)<br /><a href=''>Alastair Hudson</a> <a href=''>The Age of Dignity: Human Rights and Constitutionalism in Europe</a> (2016)<br /><a href=''>Dr Catherine Dupre</a> <a href=''>The New Public Benefit Requirement: Making Sense of Charity Law?</a> (2015)<br /><a href=''>Mary Synge</a> <a href=''>Fascism and Criminal Law</a> (2015)<br /><a href=''>Stephen Skinner</a> <a href=''>Consumer Credit, Debt and Investment in Europe<a> (2013)<br /><a href=''>Mel Kenny</a> and <a href=''>James Devenney</a> <a href=''>EU Competition Law and the Financial Services Sector</a> (2013)<br /><a href=''>Andrea Lista</a> <a href=''>The Transformation of European Private Law: Harmonisation, Consolidation, Codification or Chaos?</a> (2013)<br /><a href=''>Mel Kenny</a> and <a href=''>James Devenney</a> <a href=''>Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare.</a> (2013)<br /><a href=''>Michael Schmitt</a> <a href=''>Making Legal History: Approaches and Methodologies.</a>

 (2012)<br /><a href=''>Anthony Musson</a> and <a href=''
>Chantal Stebbings</a> <a href=''>The Legal Nature of International Human Rights</a> (2010)<br /><a href=''>Michael K. Addo</a>