Dr Jess Duggan-Larkin


Amory B302


Jess Duggan-Larkin is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter. She recently completed her doctoral thesis at University College London. Her thesis examined the human rights duties of states when they are taking international action. Her research draws on international and human rights law.


Prior to joining Exeter, Jess was a Teaching Fellow in International Law and Human Rights at University College London. Jess has worked in a range of non-government and government roles. These have included international equality advocacy and projects at the Equal Rights Trust, as well as undertaking human rights scrutiny in the Australian Capital Territory’s Department of Justice, and indigenous policy work at the Australian Attorney-General’s Department.



Research interests

  • Public international law
  • Human rights
  • Constitutional law

I have a particular focus on the international action of states and issues that require global collective action such as climate change.

Research supervision

 I am happy to supervise research in the areas of public international law, human rights and constitutional law.

Modules taught