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Dr Rachel Gimson


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I completed my LLB at the University of Sussex. Minoring in American Studies I participated in a year abroad at UC Berkeley in California. I also completed her LLM at Sussex, specialising in International Criminal Law. My PhD drew on a range of research topics including criminal justice, criminology comparative criminal law, international criminal law, social media, trial by media and legal history.


I am currently researching the interaction of social media and the criminal justice system. In particular my focus is on eyewitness footage and how it can impact on the presumption of innocence.

Research interests

My research considers the impact of social media on the criminal justice system. I am particularly interested in how eyewitness footage can alter perceptions of guilt and the role of the defendant, both for domestic trials and trials at the international criminal law level. I also research crime news and the trial by media phenomenon.

My research draws on a range of disciplines including criminal law, criminology, media studies, international criminal law and legal history.

Other information

My office hours are Mondays 3-4 and Tuesdays 10-11. If you would like to book an appointment, please follow this link:

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