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Dr Severine Saintier

Associate Professor


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Dr Saintier is a senior lecturer in law (Education and Research). She joined Exeter Law School in January 2014 from Sheffield University. 

She previously held positions in Liverpool, Staffordshire and Keele Universities.

She studied law in France (Université du Havre, Maitrise) and in the UK (University of Southampton (Erasmus/Socrates), Staffordshire University (LLM) and Sheffield University (PhD on commercial agency contracts). 

Dr Saintier is a member of different professional bodies and societies:

- Member of the Society of Legal Scholars

- Member of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BICCL)

- Member of the European network of legal experts Trans European Expert

- Member of the Society of European Contract SECOLA 

Dr Saintier's primary research interest is in the field of contract law (loosely defined). Her research is comparative in nature. Following her PhD under the late Professor Bradgate, her particular expertise is in commercial agency contracts where she has written two monographs and numerous journal articles. Her work in this field was cited by Lord Hoffmann in Lonsdale v Howard Hallam [2007] UKHL, [2008] 1 WLR 2055. 

Dr Saintier is currently working on a comparative analysis of good faith betweern the UK and Canada. Her research was facilitated by the award from the Canada-UK foundation
Dr Saintier has taught at the Universite Jean Moulin III, Universite Bordeaux IV


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Research interests

Dr Saintier's research interests are in contract law (broadly defined) with a particular interest in commercial agency contracts. In this field, Dr Saintier is currently working on the second edition of 'Commercial Agents and the Law', LLP, with her co-author J Scholes. 

In relation to her interest in contract law generally, Dr Saintier has published in the area of good faith (Journal of Business Law 2017). She is now currently working on a comparative analysis of good faith betweern the UK and Canada, the research for which was faciliated by a financial award by the UK-Canada foundation. 

Finally, for the last 2 years, Dr Saintier's research has focused on consumer energy. In particular, the governance of community energy initiatives. She is collaborating with Professor Dr Michiel Heldeweg (Twente university, the Netherlands, on an article which they presented in Brisbane at the 2018 IPSA world Congress in Brisbane in July 2018 ( as well as the 4th Energy and Society conference in Exeter in September 2018 (

Research supervision

Dr Saintier is currently supervising the following PhD students as first supervisor:

- Tania Barton on contract and dementia. Tania is ESRC funded. Tania is being co-supervised with Dr I Lang

- Kila Kikelomo on renewable energy in Nigeria.Kikelomo is being co-supervised with Dr Caine

Dr Saintier is also supervising the following PhD students as second supervisor:

- Anton Blockin on the attribution of agent's knowledge in non-consumer insurance contracts. Anton is being co-supervised with Professor Merkin

- Shaya Alsharhani on online consumer contracts in Saudi Arabia. Shaya is co-supervised with Dr Joasia Luzac

Dr Saintier welcomes applications in the fields of commercial, contract law as well as comparative law generally.

Research students

Dr Saintier is also supervising a PhD with Professeur Carole Aubert de Vincelles, Cergy Pontoise France: Marie-Emmanuelle Desaunette on the harmonisation of service contracts

Whislt at Exeter, Dr Saintier has successfully supervised the following students:

- Matthew Chanon on exclusions in insurance contracts (Matthew graduated in the Summer 2018)

- Joint with Professeur Blandine Mallet-Bricout Lyon 3 France: Caroline Lardaud-Clerc, on the protection of expectations. Caroline graduated in December 2016


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