Careers Portfolios

A series of careers portfolios of the most popular careers destinations for Social Sciences and International Studies students are available.

Each portfolio introduces the career sector, and takes you through study and activities that you can undertake during your degree and after you graduate in order to place you in a perfect position for entry into the field. 

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Studying Law at Exeter can take you anywhere

Whilst the majority of our alumni leave Exeter and build successful careers in the legal profession a significant number realise either whilst they are at Exeter or soon after starting law careers that their interests and passions lie elsewhere. We have been finding out from a number of those who have launched successful careers in Charity, Development, Government and Digital / Creative industries to find out how they came to work in their chosen fields, what they enjoy most about their jobs and how their law degrees helped them get where they are today.

Read their profiles below and find out what advice they have for others looking to take a similar path.