Law modules - Streatham

These Law modules are available to students on the Streatham Campus during the current academic year.* While they are representative of the choices which will be available to you during your degree, please note that modules may change depending on the research interests of staff.

*Please note LAWM are not available to undergraduate students.

Inclusion in this list does not guarantee that the module will run; it is dependent on staff availability, and the number of students choosing to take the module.

Code Module Title Terms
LAW1003 Criminal Law TRM1+2
LAW1004 The Law of Contract TRM1+2
LAW1013 French Constitutional Law TRM1+2
LAW1014 German Constitutional Law TRM1+2
LAW1020 Introduction to the Law for Non Lawyers TERM1
LAW1035 Constitutional and Administrative Law TRM1+2
LAW1036 Legal Foundations TRM1+2
LAW1905 Employability TERM2
LAW1907 Induction event TERM1
LAW1907 Induction event TERM1
LAW2004 Contract Law TRM1+2
LAW2004B Contract Law TRM1+2
LAW2011 Gender, Sexuality and Law TERM1
LAW2015 The Law of Torts TRM1+2
LAW2015B The Law of Torts TRM1+2
LAW2016C Environmental Regulation and Redress TERM2
LAW2017 Land Law TRM1+2
LAW2017B Land Law TRM1+2
LAW2019 Commercial Law TRM1+2
LAW2020 Family Law TRM1+2
LAW2024 Public International Law TRM1+2
LAW2026 Employment Law TRM1+2
LAW2031 Law of Obligations I (German Law) TRM1+2
LAW2033 French Administrative Law TRM1+2
LAW2034 European Union Law TRM1+2
LAW2035 Constitutional and Administrative Law TRM1+2
LAW2035B Constitutional and Administrative Law TRM1+2
LAW2059 Alternative Dispute Resolution TERM2
LAW2072 Aspects of Evidence TERM2
LAW2131 Law Peer Tutoring Programme TRM1+2
LAW2132 Islamic Law and Society TERM1
LAW2137 Lethal Force, the ECHR and Democracy TERM1
LAW2138 International Law, Conflict and Strategy TRM1+2
LAW2148 Human Rights Law: The European Convention On Human Rights TRM1+2
LAW2905 Employability TERM2
LAW3000 Year Abroad TRM1+2
LAW3000B Law with International Study Year Abroad Module TRM1+2
LAW3003 Criminal Law TRM1+2
LAW3003B Criminal Law TRM1+2
LAW3010 The Lawyer, Ethics and Popular Culture TERM2
LAW3011 Gender, Sexuality and Law TERM1
LAW3016C Legal Response to Environmental Destruction TERM2
LAW3019 Commercial Law TRM1+2
LAW3020 Family Law TRM1+2
LAW3024 Public International Law TRM1+2
LAW3026 Employment Law TRM1+2
LAW3028 Intellectual Property TRM1+2
LAW3032 Law of Obligations (German Law) TRM1+2
LAW3041 Trusts TRM1+2
LAW3041B Trusts TRM1+2
LAW3043 Company Law TRM1+2
LAW3047 Dissertation TRM1+2
LAW3047A Comparative Law Dissertation TRM1+2
LAW3051 French Law of Contract TRM1+2
LAW3059 Alternative Dispute Resolution TERM2
LAW3066 Medical Ethics and Law TERM2
LAW3072 Aspects of Evidence TERM2
LAW3083 Company Law Foundation TERM1
LAW3131 Law Peer Tutoring Programme TRM1+2
LAW3135 Corporate Social Responsibility and Law TERM1
LAW3137 Lethal Force, the ECHR and Democracy TERM1
LAW3146 International Law, Conflict and Strategy TRM1+2
LAW3146A International Law, Conflict and Strategy (PIL) TRM1+2
LAW3148 Human Rights Law: The European Convention On Human Rights TRM1+2
LAW3150 Unjust Enrichment TERM2
LAW3151A Research Paper TERM1
LAW3151B Research Paper TERM2
LAW3905 Employability TERM2
LAW4017 Land Law TRM1+2
LAW4034 European Union Law TRM1+2
LAW4034B European Union Law TRM1+2
LAWM044 Trademarks TERM2
LAWM066 Admiralty Law TERM2
LAWM067 Carriage of Goods by Sea TERM1
LAWM072 International Trade TERM2
LAWM079 Marine Insurance TERM2
LAWM080 International Banking Law TERM2
LAWM084 International Arbitration TERM1
LAWM087 Competition Law TERM1
LAWM089 Consumer Protection TERM2
LAWM090 EU Internal Market Law TERM1
LAWM091 European Contitutionalism TERM2
LAWM094 Human Dignity and Human Rights in the EU TERM1
LAWM095 Human Rights and International Business Policy TERM1
LAWM097 International Law of Armed Conflict TERM2
LAWM099 International Refugee Law TERM1
LAWM100 Mergers and Acquisitions TERM2
LAWM101 Patent & Design Law TERM1
LAWM103 World Trade Law TERM2
LAWM104 Corporate Social Responsibility: Globalisation, Regulation and Law TERM1
LAWM105 Corporate Law and Governance TERM1
LAWM107 EU Motor Insurance TERM2
LAWM640 Dissertation TRM2+3
LAWM670 European Convention on Human Rights TERM2
LAWM671 International Human Rights Law TERM1
LAWM673 Copyright Law and Policy TERM1
LAWM683 International Criminal Law TERM2
LAWM686 Approaches to Research in Law (ESRC) TERM1
LAWM687 Socio-Legal Research Skills TRM1+2
LAWM689 The Family, Law and Social Change TERM2
LAWM711 Environmental and Energy Law TERM2
LAWM712 International Law of Cyber Operations TERM2
LAWM713 NATO Legal Advisors Course TRM2+3
LAWM907 Induction event TERM1