Response to Michael Gove’s speech at the Oxford Farming Conference

Professor Ian Bateman, welcomed the overall direction of the policy outlined by Mr Gove but warned that a firm timetable needs to be agreed for change.

Reform “grossly unfair” farm subsidies, expert says

“Grossly unfair” farm subsidies should be replaced with a new system, a University of Exeter expert has told the government.

University of Exeter expert working as part of global team to promote human and environmental health

A University of Exeter expert has been appointed to a high powered, internationally prominent group of global government and business leaders working to show the connection between economic policy, human health and environmental change.

Exmoor event: Exeter ecosystem experts explain essential environmental economic effects

Professors Dieter Helm and Ian Bateman, Chairman and member of the Natural Capital, have said the environment is key part in the fabric of the economy.

Professor Ian Bateman will deliver a Global Conversation lecture in Sydney, Australia

Professor Bateman will demonstrate some of the latest research, using a number of recent real world examples to illustrate how economics can reveal the value of the environment and incorporate it into both Government and business decisions.

How do we value things that are not sold through shops?

That’s the question addressed by Springer book series “The Economics of Non-Market Goods and Resources” edited by Professor Ian Bateman.

Exploring the economic value of trees’ social and environmental benefits

The social and environmental outputs of woodlands play a much broader role in the economy than is often recognised, according to a new Research Report by the University of Exeter for the Forestry Commission.

Largest environmental restoration project in the world led by Chinese, Stanford and Exeter experts

Professor Ian Bateman is helping the Chinese government analyse how they should repair natural resources following the country’s rapid industrialisation.

First SWEEP of PhD studentships in place

As we celebrate the official start of the South West Partnership for Environment and Economic Prosperity (SWEEP), there has been some early success as a number of co-funded PhD studentships are confirmed.

University of Exeter expert urges Government to implement new laws to protect the environment

Progress on the Government’s long term plan for the environment is too slow and politicians should act more quickly to safeguard our natural resources, a University of Exeter expert has said.

First meeting of the “Long-term investment scenarios development group”

The Environment Agency invited a group of experts from a range of disciplines to come together to help understand how to develop the long-term investment scenarios for flood and coastal risk management in the future.

Professor Ian Bateman invited to join delegates at China/US/UK Ecosystem Services Workshop

He will be working with colleagues from Stanford’s Natural Capital Project.

Experts secure £5m to protect the South West’s natural capital

A partnership of three research institutions, led by the University of Exeter, has secured a £5m award to help protect the beautiful natural resources and the jobs dependent on them in the South West.

University of Exeter agricultural economist awarded honorary doctorate

A University of Exeter expert has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the Royal Veterinary College for his outstanding contribution to promoting animal health and welfare.

University of Exeter experts to provide crucial advice to farmers, government and communities

Senior politicians have welcomed work by University of Exeter academics to promote smart decision-making which will safeguard the environment.

Professor Ian Bateman shares his advice for researchers looking to engage with policy makers

Filmed at the joint BES and CCI Symposium, "Making a Difference in Conservation", April 2016.

LEEP aims and activities: talks available

Members of LEEP gave an overview of the institute’s aims and activities to a packed audience of environmental economists, on Friday 18 March 2016, at envecon 2016, at the Royal Society, London.

Transatlantic link to help protect the environment

University of Exeter experts will collaborate with colleagues in the USA to work to protect our environment.

The viability of the UK small farm – a call for evidence

As part of research commissioned by The Prince's Countryside Fund we are holding workshops with interested parties and in advance of these workshops we are inviting the submission of written evidence.

LEEP announces fully-funded PhD studentship in the Quantitative Analysis of the Environment-Energy Nexus

This studentship is one of eight PhD opportunities that will contribute to the ADVENT (Addressing Valuation of Energy and Nature Together) research project

Enabling Smart Decisions: Enhancing Natural Capital talk at the Environmental Economics conference

Members of the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP), will give an overview of the aims and activities of the institute at envecon 2016 in London.

University of Exeter environment expert appointed to advise the Government

A University of Exeter academic has been appointed as an advisor to help the Government develop and implement a new 25-year plan for the environment.

Valuing Nature placements for LEEP academics

LEEP is delighted that three of its academics were awarded Valuing Nature placements contributing to the understanding of the complexities of the natural environment they will work with policymakers, businesses and practitioners. 

Changing the use of agricultural land could massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Making farmland more productive could bring about significant reductions in the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, University of Exeter research has found.