Photo of Dr Amy Binner

Dr Amy Binner

Senior Lecturer


01392 726355

Lazenby House 1.03

Dr. Amy Binner is an environmental economist, specialising in techniques of spatial analysis, statistics, and economic modelling, and their application to the study of land use based decision-making.

Her recent work focuses on the development of spatially explicit agent-based models in an environmental context using complex computational techniques. Her research provides her with a broad set of competencies in environmental and resource economics; particularly in non-market valuation, agent based modelling, programming and simulation, general equilibrium modelling and econometrics. 

In 2015, Dr. Binner was awarded her first grant as PI for a scoping study on valuing the social and environmental benefits of trees and woodlands in England, Scotland and Wales.  She also made substantial contributions the Natural Capital Committee’s State of Natural Capital Report (2013) and UK NEA-FO (2014), and has consulted for Defra projects to improve the efficiency of payments for ecosystem services schemes for securing water quality.  Her work on the UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-On Phase focuses on integrated spatially explicit interdisciplinary modelling to explore the key drivers of land use change, including forestry, and associated impacts on water quality, biodiversity, recreation and greenhouse gas emissions.