Politics and International Relations Outreach

Politics affects the lives of every individual in the world, every day. Studying Politics and International Relations isn’t just about government policies and parliament, although it does include these areas. Recent rapid global, technological and cultural transformations are at the heart of many recent changes in how societies operate and are governed, and you’ll study the various forces that influence the exercise of power within and between nations. Issues you’ll look into include the environment, security, elections, popular protest, the history of political thought, public policy and party politics.

You don’t have to be a politician if you study politics and international relations. The skills that you gain and areas that you learn about are highly relevant for a range of careers. Previous graduates who have studied politics and international relations have worked in various areas including: civil service; film production; estate agency; banking; insurance; management consultancy; law; advertising; health; education; retail; and, of course, parliamentary or governmental positions.

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Generations come together to discuss Brexit and the UK’s future in Europe

‘Brexit: A discussion of the UK’s future in Europe’, drew together members of The University of the Third Age (U3A) and secondary school aged children from Years 8 and 9.  They discussed the practicalities of Brexit and the UK’s relationship with the EU, focusing on the role of the community in British politics and the respective advantages and disadvantages of disbanding the longstanding connection between the domestic and supranational level. Find out more here.